We’re happy to announce the release of Segment organizations. You can now group multiple Segment projects under one organization, invite as many teammates as you want, and manage all your account settings and billing in one place. Organizations are perfect for startups and large companies alike.

Creating an organization doesn’t change how much you’re charged, just helps you keep projects organized and access permissions clean, so feel free to create as many as you want.

Create an organization

You can find the create new organization link in the account dropdown in the top right:

And enter your company name and desired company login:

Create a new organization project

Now when you create a new project, you get to place it under your personal account or under the organization account.

Add teammates to your organization

When you go to account settings, you’ll find the Owners tab where you can add teammates to your organization:

Unified usage, plans, and billing

The Billing tab contains all of your organization’s API calls:

and plan selection:

Move your personal projects to an organization

If you have projects under your personal account that you want to move to your new organization, you can do so in the project settings.

If you want to move project ilya/blog to microsoft/blog, you can use the Change Owner dialog in your project settings:

We’d love to hear how you like organizations, and how we can make the system even better!