At Segment, we believe you should be able to use your data effortlessly, no matter where that data is collected – your website, your mobile app, your TV streaming service, and now your smartwatch app, too!

That’s right folks, today we’re excited to announce new support for Android Wear that opens up a host of analytics or marketing tools to Wear developers.

Why is this awesome? Segment is the only way to get your Android Wear customer data (user interactions like “Opened App,” “Signed Up,” “Played Song”) into the most popular analytics and growth tools on the market like Google Analytics, Mixpanel, and KISSmetrics. Here’s a complete list of the tools on our platform!

When you use Segment as a customer data hub, we’ll capture and send your event data to any tool on our platform. Rather than installing SDKs individually, you just install the Segment master SDK and track important customer lifecycle events. Then, we’ll translate and send this data off to any tool you toggle on in our control panel.

No extra SDKs. No learning new APIs. Just install Segment once, and try any integration on our platform with the flip of a switch.

With Segment support for Wear, you can consolidate your customer lifecycle data across all platforms – Android Wear, Android, iOS, and web – into a single view and and put it to use.

Using a combination of email, analytics, and marketing automation tools on the Segment platform, you can send notifications to people who downloaded your Wear app but haven’t opened it recently. You can analyze how retention differs across devices. And, you can figure out which segment of your mobile users are early watch adopters, then send others like them a promotion.

Here’s how it works.

Our Wear library looks exactly like our Android library, so our Android users are already a few steps ahead. The SDK simply relays the tracking calls you set to the phone, which then queues the calls and sends them to Segment. We’ll transform the data and forward it off to all the tools you’ve enabled. Like Google’s Wear API, our library is still in beta, so we’ll continually update it based on Google’s updates.

For all the info on how the Wear library works, check out our technical docs:

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