A few weeks ago we introduced the Schema. We want the Schema to help you manage and organize the data you’re sending to Segment. To realize that goal, we’ve shipped a few additions that should give you more insight into what your events mean, and help you keep your plan clean!

Event Counts

One of the most requested features for the Schema has been the ability to quickly see the number of times Segment has received an event. Now you can do exactly that!

You can see counts for last 24 hours to verify your installation, for the last 30 days to check your event volume for billing, and for the last 60 days to sanity check that an event is recording with the right frequency over time.

Removing Events

We’ve also added the ability to remove old or junk events from your Schema if you’re no longer recording them, so they don’t clutter up your day-to-day view.

This is helpful if you’ve fully de-instrumented an event from your codebase, if you recorded a few events tests, or if you accidentally made a typo while implementing. Just click the trashcan icon inside the details for an event.

We’ll still keep around the data you sent us previously. And, if you send the event to us again, it will reappear in your Schema list.