Andy Jiang

Building a Modern Marketing Stack

Here at Segment, our marketing team takes a twofold approach to planning for the future. We foster a strong data-driven culture which helps keep everyone aligned around common information and goals. And we use that data to experiment with improving our targeted marketing and customer experience.

What is a tracking plan?

A tracking plan is a document or spreadsheet that’s used across an organization, serving as both a project management tool as well as a reference document. It generally contains three key pieces of information:

Lifecycle of a Mobile API Call

At Segment, we’re working hard to make our mobile SDKs the best possible collection options for your analytics data. An SDK can make your data more durable, minimize data transfer, and optimize your app’s battery usage. In this article, we’ll take you through what happens under the hood as a piece of data flows through our iOS and Android SDKs from a button handler in your app…

Building a Better Robot: Tracking and Analytics for Slack Bots

In December 2015, Slack announced it would invest $80 million into Slack bot startups. This comes as no surprise for Slack’s 2 million daily active users, and bolsters its strategy to create an ecosystem of productivity and collaboration services. There are already over 4,000 Slack integrations (in addition to 150 official apps) which have over 2.2 million installs. The…

Mixpanel and Google Analytics: Debugging Reporting Discrepancies in Four Steps

It’s common for teams to use multiple tools to understand how users interact with their product. Two very popular analytics tools are Google Analytics and Mixpanel. These tools compliment each other nicely since both offer slightly different analysis capabilities. But the potential downside of using two different tools is data discrepancies. That is to say, when data is…

Announcing Analytics Academy

Today, we’re excited to share Analytics Academy—a helpful guide to becoming an analytics expert. You’ll start with the basics of how to think about analytics and level up into when is the right time to consider SQL, and more!