Diana Smith

Expert Advice on Common Mobile Data Challenges

Capturing high quality customer data on mobile devices is essential to making products that customers love. But the process to capture that data can be tedious. We polled attendees at our recent WWDC meetup—a mix of engineers, data analysts, and growth marketers—on their biggest mobile data challenges.

How Trustpilot Analyzes the Entire Customer Experience

Do you have a single source of truth for your data? As our customer Ole Dallerup, VP of Engineering from Trustpilot says, “your data is useless if it’s not in one place.” The problem with disparate data sources is that your insights stop with the walls around your data — in your CRM, in your funnel analytics tool, in your email platform. How does one part of the customer…

How Success Engineers Keep Us Customer-First

Success Engineers play a critical role at Segment. They are our front line, answering customer questions as quickly and thoroughly as possible. The team is so important that Peter, our CEO and the original Success Engineer, does a monthly rotation in Success to stay connected to customer questions and problems.

Q&A: Goodsie and Church of Merch on the Segment Ecommerce Plugin

Last week, we announced new support for popular ecommerce platforms including Goodsie, a stylish store builder with neat customers like Church of Merch, The Boomcase, and Strolby. We sat down with Jonathan Marcus, founder and CEO of Goodsie, and Jeremy Mora, founder and CEO of Church of Merch, to learn more about how merchants are using Segment on the Goodsie platform.

Build, Measure & Learn: WooCommerce on the Importance of Analytics

Last week we announced new ecommerce plugins for online merchants to integrate analytics and marketing tools with zero code. Here’s a conversation with our platform partner at WooCommerce, Joel Bronkowski. He’s given us the inside scoop on WooCommerce, the Segment plugin, and why WooThemes follows the model build, measure, learn. Read on to learn more!