Kevin Niparko

Put your customers first with Personas


The best way to acquire, serve, and retain your customers is to better understand their interests and needs. You need to know which actions your customers have taken over the course of their relationship with your brand, no matter where these interactions happen. Ideally, each conversation should incorporate context from a customer’s past interactions. However, synthesizing…

Introducing Warehouses: Web and Mobile Data to SQL in Minutes

It’s no secret that understanding your customers better will drive better product decisions. But getting the raw data on how customers interact with your web and mobile products has been a huge pain — leaving only the rich or the resource-rolling to be able to access their data in SQL. The rest of us have to deal with the constraints of out-of-the-box reporting tools.

How SQL Changed Segment

For the first couple years at Segment we solved most of our biggest business problems using regular ol’ gut instinct. Everyone was in constant conversation with our initial customers, so it was okay to use intuition to choose our pricing model or prioritize new features. But as we’ve grown, we needed a more analytical approach. About six months ago we started using SQL for…