A Beginner's Guide to A/B Testing for Mobile Commerce


The mobile commerce (m-commerce) space has grown 42 percent annually for the past four years—more people are becoming comfortable spending money on their phones, and more retailers are investing in mobile to woo these small screen shoppers. But as the market grows, so does the competition for thumb space and user retention.

How SQL Changed Segment

For the first couple years at Segment we solved most of our biggest business problems using regular ol’ gut instinct. Everyone was in constant conversation with our initial customers, so it was okay to use intuition to choose our pricing model or prioritize new features. But as we’ve grown, we needed a more analytical approach. About six months ago we started using SQL for…

Building the Ultimate Funnel with SQL


Analyzing your behavioral data in a SQL database with tools like Segment Warehouses and Looker gives you a few key advantages: You can customize all of your analysis to match your individual business – like defining user sessionsbased on how people use your product. And, you can make sure that you’re accurately connecting anonymous and logged in users with a universal ID.

A Guide to Universal User ID Mapping


We welcome Erin Franz, data analyst at Looker, to the Segment blog! This is the first post in her three part series sharing practical advice for common analytics conundrums: accurately identifying users, creating sessions for user activity, and event path analysis.

How Segment Tracks Data with Segment


Your analytics are only as good as the data you’re tracking. And deciding what to track is the hardest part about making your data useful. It’s overwhelming to create a tracking plan from scratch, so this article will give you a head start.

Cross-database Joins!


We welcome Harry Glaser, CEO of our SQL partner Periscope, to the Segment blog! Harry’s talking cross-database joins on the heels of our Amazon Redshiftlaunch. If you want to analyze behavioral data across platforms, and Excel won’t cut it, here are some tips to level-up your analytics game.

Q&A: Goodsie and Church of Merch on the Segment Ecommerce Plugin

Last week, we announced new support for popular ecommerce platforms including Goodsie, a stylish store builder with neat customers like Church of Merch, The Boomcase, and Strolby. We sat down with Jonathan Marcus, founder and CEO of Goodsie, and Jeremy Mora, founder and CEO of Church of Merch, to learn more about how merchants are using Segment on the Goodsie platform.

Build, Measure & Learn: WooCommerce on the Importance of Analytics

Last week we announced new ecommerce plugins for online merchants to integrate analytics and marketing tools with zero code. Here’s a conversation with our platform partner at WooCommerce, Joel Bronkowski. He’s given us the inside scoop on WooCommerce, the Segment plugin, and why WooThemes follows the model build, measure, learn. Read on to learn more!