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Jake Peterson on February 19th 2014

Today we’re releasing support for loading your Facebook Ads conversion pixels through Segment.

If you display ads on Facebook, it’s super valuable to measure the ROI on that ad spend. By dropping Facebook’s ad conversion pixel onto the page after your customer converts, then you can measure that ROI inside Facebook’s ad tools.

Now you can trigger the Facebook Ads pixel based on any custom event through Segment, without touching any code! Just enter the name of the custom event you’re sending right now that should trigger the pixel, and we’ll load the corresponding Facebook pixel automatically.

If you’re ready to get Facebook Ads set up, here’s a walkthrough of where to find the Facebook pixel id!

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Peter Reinhardt on February 19th 2014

Today we’re also announcing support for Bronto. Bronto is a marketing automation tool for e-commerce, letting you send triggered emails to your customers based on how they behave. This can be a clutch way to convert potential customers who abandoned their shopping cart just before checkout.

With Segment you can turn on Bronto in a single click. We’ll route all your custom events and user traits including any email addresses to Bronto. All set up!

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Jake Peterson on February 19th 2014

Starting today you can trigger your Bing Ads conversion pixel through Segment, without writing any new code!

If you purchase ads to display in Bing search results, it’s super worthwhile to measure the ROI of that ad spend. To measure conversions, for example on a “Completed Order” page, you can load Bing Ads’ conversion pixel. Then you can measure your Bing ad spend ROI inside Bing’s ad tools.

With this release, you can trigger the Bing Ads pixel based on any custom event through Segment, without touching any code! Just enter the name of a custom event you’re sending right now, and enter the Bing pixel id that you want to load when that event happens.

When you’re ready to get Bing Ads set up, here’s a walkthrough of where to find the Bing pixel id!

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Ilya Volodarsky on February 13th 2014

We’re happy to announce the release of Segment organizations. You can now group multiple Segment projects under one organization, invite as many teammates as you want, and manage all your account settings and billing in one place. Organizations are perfect for startups and large companies alike.

Creating an organization doesn’t change how much you’re charged, just helps you keep projects organized and access permissions clean, so feel free to create as many as you want.

Create an organization

You can find the create new organization link in the account dropdown in the top right:

And enter your company name and desired company login:

Create a new organization project

Now when you create a new project, you get to place it under your personal account or under the organization account.

Add teammates to your organization

When you go to account settings, you’ll find the Owners tab where you can add teammates to your organization:

Unified usage, plans, and billing

The Billing tab contains all of your organization’s API calls:

and plan selection:

Move your personal projects to an organization

If you have projects under your personal account that you want to move to your new organization, you can do so in the project settings.

If you want to move project ilya/blog to microsoft/blog, you can use the Change Owner dialog in your project settings:

We’d love to hear how you like organizations, and how we can make the system even better!

Anthony Short on November 21st 2013

Hot on the heels of the new team page, we just released an updated version of our home page. This is another part of the complete overhaul we’re giving the site.

As part of every release we try to open-source as much code as possible in the form of Components. Unfortunately this page was so simple we didn’t have any modules worth sharing. There’s always next time!

We’ll be making rapid changes to the site so let us know what you think!

Ian Storm Taylor on November 14th 2013

We add new integrations to Segment all the time, and if there’s one thing you all are vocal about it’s, “tell us about the new hotness!” So we’re starting a new series that will deliver exactly that!

Without further ado, our newest integration is… Drip!

Drip helps you build an email course. It adds a small widget to your site so that users can easily signup for a drip email series you’ve written.

Drip differs from other email-sending tools because it is entirely focused on campaigns that are composed of a series of lessons or blog posts. As soon as a visitor hits signup, you sit back and relax while each email in your series automatically gets sent out over the course of a few weeks.

And because Drip is so focused, it can give you extra features that make it’s specific use case as simple as possible, like their signup widget that you no longer have to build yourself:

A good example use case for Drip is our own Analytics Academy. When we first started the Academy we wanted our new users to get Lesson 1 a week after signing up, and a Lesson 2 a week after that, but we didn’t have an easy way to do that automatically. Drip is exactly the kind of tool we were looking for, it just didn’t exist yet! And I know from our support hotline that a bunch of you have been looking for a similar solution.

If you’re thinking about starting your own e-course (and you should because they are a great way to get your name out there if you have interesting thoughts to share!) you should definitely take a look at Drip. No need to reinvent the wheel, just head over to your Segment integrations page and flip it on!

If you want to stay updated on the other cool, new tools we add to Segment make sure to subscribe to the blog!

Ian Storm Taylor on November 11th 2013

Just wanted to let you know that we’ve added five new integrations to Segment that you can try out with the flip of a switch on your integrations page!


Evergage is a tool that lets you add personalization to your website depending on what segments a user falls into, so you can show people custom messages when they need them.

Get Satisfaction

Get Satisfaction is a tool that helps you build a community around your product by letting your users ask for support and give product feedback directly from your website.

Lucky Orange

Lucky Orange is a user testing tool for your website with heatmaps, screen recordings, live chat and polls that help you learn about how people use your website.


Rollbar is a simple way to collect Javascript errors on your website, so that you can see which errors your users are encountering and get them fixed right away.

Yandex Metrica

Yandex Metrica is a general-purpose, free analytics tool with similar features to Google Analytics, but specifically targeted at Russian websites and traffic sources.

Check ‘em out on your project’s integrations page! And if you ever have any questions, feel free to email us at

Sylvie Bryant on October 16th 2013

We added a new Segment integration: Spinnakr!

Spinnakr shows you the top traffic spikes for your website in a crazy simple layout. Then, you can display targeted messages directly on your website to these specific people to increase your conversion.

Breakdown of how it works

  1. See significant events as they happen (like traffic spikes, search terms, changes in type of visitor) in a nicely designed timeline style layout.

  2. Spinnakr pings you by text or e-mail.

  3. Respond by displaying targetted messages and calls to action on your website to people coming from a specific source.

  4. Check the effectiveness of your message by looking at the number of people who clicked your call to action. The idea is to increase conversion during these significant events.

Some people call their design idiot-proof. We think it’s pretty smart as well. Here’s an example of notable traffic from TechCrunch hitting a site (the ideal situation for all of us!), which you can pretty easily respond to:

Image from Spinnakr’s website.

Instead of the typical mind-melting interface where you try to glean some kind of meaning from your traffic graphs, Spinnakr curates important spikes and pushes you to take action on them.

Some specific ways that Spinnakr can be used

  1. Display a welcome message in your user’s native language.

  2. Show special offers to people coming from a specific site.

  3. Display a response to breaking news.

  4. Ask for social media shares or upvotes on Twitter, Facebook, and Quora.

  5. Direct investors to relevant company information.

  6. Point to the recruiting page for job seekers or take advantage of Spinnakr’s integration with AngelList.

…Plus you can test other creative ideas you may have!

Fun with Spinnakr on Segment’s website

I decided to take Spinnakr for a sail with a target audience that I was pretty familiar with: Singaporeans. So, I looked through our own traffic sources for Segment and chose to write a special message for people coming from, prompting them to sign up. I even edited my campaign directly on Segment. Here’s what the message looked like, with ridiculous amounts of Singaporean slang:

Spinnakr tracks the effectiveness of your message campaign, calculating % lift over baseline in addition to number of clicks. Check out Spinnakr’s blog postabout how they helped one website gain a 500% increase in signup conversions.

Spinnakr has very lofty goals, and is part of a new generation of tools that are trying to make websites intentionally targeted. Check it out by toggling on the Spinnakr button in your Segment integrations page:

As always, we’d love to hear from you about your experiences with these tools, so hit us up anytime!

Sylvie Bryant on October 9th 2013

We added a new Segment integration: Inspectlet!

Inspectlet lets you see eye-tracking heatmaps, screen recordings of visitor sessions, and real-time analytics. That sounds pretty cool, but what does all this mean for you?


Shows you the areas of your website where your visitors are focused, based on mouse movements, clicks, keystrokes, and page scrolling:

Segment’s website. Lots of interest around pricing and customers.

Inspectlet’s website. Barely anyone sees the bottom of the page!

Real-time analytics

What is happening on your site this very minute?

Conversion funnel analysis

Where on your webpage do your users drop off before they sign up or purchase?

With Inspectlet, you can figure out what your users are expecting from your website! They have a free plan with 100 recorded sessions, along with heatmaps, so there’s no reason not to try it. :)

We’d love to know how you’re using your new tools, so give us a holler.

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