Josephine Liu, Sherry Huang on June 9th 2021

Our latest feature, Journeys, empowers teams to unify touchpoints across the end-to-end customer journey.

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Peter Reinhardt on December 18th 2012

We launched with 6 analytics providers integrated on Monday. Today we’re announcing 3 new integrations! Many thanks go to KlaviyoHubspot and GoSquared for jumping on it and integrating practically overnight.

As usual, you can send your data to any of these three new analytics services with just a single click and an API Key in the Segment integrations tab. Here’s what each of the three new integrations does:


GoSquared is a real-time analytics dashboard that gives you an overview of what is happening on your site right now. Real-time countries, landing pages, even tweets!


Klaviyo is an email remarketing service for web applications that lets you send emails to your users based on events they trigger. We recommend them for any SaaS or Ecommerce web site.


Hubspot is an enterprise analytics service that specializes in inbound marketing. We recommend it for anyone with high-value leads.

Want to try out all three? You’re just a few clicks away!

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