We work to make Segment better for you every day. We’re always refining and releasing new parts of the product, and publishing guides on new ways to get the most out of your customer data. Here are some highlights of what we rolled out for you in February!


Facebook Offline Ad Conversions — NEW

Segment’s unique integration with Facebook Offline Conversions allows you to use Segment’s server-side libraries to send transaction and event data from your back office systems, customer database, call center technologies, appointments, or point-of-sale system, directly to Facebook. You can now better understand the down-funnel effectiveness of your Facebook ads in real-time.

Oracle Responsys — NEW

Our integration with Oracle Responsys is now in beta. Responsys is a popular marketing cloud platform that empowers marketers to reach users across devices, channels, and lifecycle stages. Our integration makes it easy to load your behavioral data into Responsys Profile Extensions and Supplemental Tables to start running behavior-driven campaigns.

New Features

Connection Modes — NEW

Connection Modes gives you the option to route your website data to your integrations directly from your users’ browsers or via Segment’s servers. When you elect to send data from our servers, you’ll be able to remove third-party JavaScript libraries from your pages, resulting in faster load times and less bandwidth consumption. Learn more about Connection Modes in our recent blog post.

Usage Data CSV —NEW

Now you can download your MTUs and API calls broken down by source. The report is now available on your workspace settings page.

Sources Overview Page — UPDATE

We’ve made it easier to spot check your Segment configuration. Now you can see which of your sources are active, their current status, and how many integrations and warehouses to which they’re currently sending data. Login to your account and click on “Sources”.

Verified Setup Flow — UPDATE

We’ve recently improved how you connect to a cloud source, starting with Google AdWords and Intercom. When you add a new Google AdWords or Intercom cloud source and supply your authentication information (such as the API key), Segment will immediately attempt to authenticate and give you instant verification that the connection works. The verified setup flow is now a part of our Google AdWords and Intercom sources and will be coming to other sources soon.

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