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Jes Kirkwood on November 15th 2021

Shopify's VP, Growth Morgan Brown reveals how the company's growth team drives results in an exclusive interview.

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Calvin French-Owen on June 12th 2020

This recipe shows you how to use heatmaps to optimize the performance of your webpages. By seeing the areas of pages that users are engaging with most often, you can determine where to invest your time and energy.

Calvin French-Owen on June 2nd 2020

With this recipe, you’ll learn how to identify your highest value users and then automate referrals for your business.

Calvin French-Owen on June 2nd 2020

In this recipe, we’ll show you how to use Facebook Lead Ads to determine what a user is interested in—directly from the user themself. Then, we’ll show you how to use that data to drive revenue through personalized email campaigns.

Calvin French-Owen on May 29th 2020

This recipe walks you through fixing your funnel bottlenecks so you can improve your conversion rates. The “funnel” that we describe here is the journey your customers take through your product or service.

Calvin French-Owen on May 26th 2020

Learn how to boost your conversion rates by personalizing landing pages based on your visitor’s traits, behaviors, purchase histories, and more.

Calvin French-Owen on May 26th 2020

This recipe will cover how to use search terms collected from Google to personalize your website and improve conversion rates.

Calvin French-Owen on May 19th 2020

Learn how to increase revenue from new users by offering them personalized pricing plans.

Calvin French-Owen on May 17th 2020

Learn how to use Segment analyze and optimize your funnel and boost your conversion rate by 2-3x.

Calvin French-Owen, Tyler Goerzen on May 13th 2020

With this recipe, you’ll learn how to create behavior-based email campaigns personalized to different personas of your product.

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