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Jes Kirkwood on November 15th 2021

Shopify's VP, Growth Morgan Brown reveals how the company's growth team drives results in an exclusive interview.

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Kelly Kirwan on June 22nd 2022

A recap of all the sessions we had our second day of CDP Week: Summer Edition

Kelly Kirwan on June 21st 2022

All the main takeaways from day 1 of CDP Week: Summer Edition.

Cynthia Goldsworthy on March 23rd 2022

Segment Marketing VP, Katrina Wong, and Twilio CEO, Jeff Lawson, share insights from the CDP Report 2022.

Daniel Boltinksy on March 16th 2022

This article presents five key insights from the webinar How Banks Use Data and Experimentation for Faster Growth. We also offer a bonus insight for retail banking marketers and developers who aren’t sure where to start their own CX experimentation.

Cynthia Goldsworthy on March 1st 2022

Learn how customer identity enables businesses to build stronger customer relationships using first-party data.

Lisa Zavetz on January 25th 2022

Advertising is a billion dollar industry on the precipice of some huge changes. This blog post will explore some of the never-before-seen updates affecting the advertising ecosystem, and how businesses can adapt.

Kelly Kirwan on January 14th 2022

Data management platforms (DMP) aren’t a “one-stop shop” for customer data. Learn what they are, what they aren’t, and the best way to leverage your data.

Lisa Zavetz on January 13th 2022

Apple’s IDFA changes revolutionized the way we market. Marketers must adapt to the shifting tides to maintain success. Learn how the updates should impact your marketing and best practices in using first-party data for effective and measurable campaigns.

Kelly Kirwan on January 6th 2022

Master data management is a popular solution for leveraging data for growth. Learn how customer data platforms can offer similar results with fewer headaches.

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