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Jes Kirkwood on November 15th 2021

Shopify's VP, Growth Morgan Brown reveals how the company's growth team drives results in an exclusive interview.

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Chipper Nicodemus on December 16th 2020

How to choose the best attribution tool for your business, based on your role, company size, and objective.

Geoffrey Keating on December 15th 2020

A business intelligence tool lets you model, analyze, and report on disparate data easily. But how do you choose the right one?

Geoffrey Keating on December 10th 2020

A data analytics tool is essential to make insights accessible and make better decisions. Make the most of your data with the right tool for the job.

Geoffrey Keating on November 25th 2020

Live chat gives your customers answers in real-time as they’re browsing. Not all options are created equal, though.

Steven Schuler on November 24th 2020

4 critical steps Udacity took to create a data-driven culture for the long term

Nicole Nearhood on November 23rd 2020

Three common warning signs that your enterprise needs a Customer Data Platform

Geoffrey Keating on November 16th 2020

Our round-up of the best customer success tools to integrate into your tech stack.

Doug Roberge on November 12th 2020

Here’s how to identify your company’s unique CDP requirements and create an effective request for proposal (RFP).

Geoffrey Keating on November 9th 2020

A guide for marketing teams on how customer data platforms can optimize return on ad spend, improve conversion rates, and boost advertising efficiency.

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