We added a new Segment integration: Inspectlet!

Inspectlet lets you see eye-tracking heatmaps, screen recordings of visitor sessions, and real-time analytics. That sounds pretty cool, but what does all this mean for you?


Shows you the areas of your website where your visitors are focused, based on mouse movements, clicks, keystrokes, and page scrolling:

Segment’s website. Lots of interest around pricing and customers.

Inspectlet’s website. Barely anyone sees the bottom of the page!

Real-time analytics

What is happening on your site this very minute?

Conversion funnel analysis

Where on your webpage do your users drop off before they sign up or purchase?

With Inspectlet, you can figure out what your users are expecting from your website! They have a free plan with 100 recorded sessions, along with heatmaps, so there’s no reason not to try it. :)

We’d love to know how you’re using your new tools, so give us a holler.