Introducing the Data Council: Experts share the transformations that ignited company growth using good data

Madelyn Mullen on August 17th 2020

So many of today’s company-wide priorities and top-line growth targets depend on customer data. However, the percentage of an organization empowered to experiment with data and activate data in ways that engage and delight customers remains small.

According to 451 Research part of S&P Global Market Intelligence, two-thirds of companies with greater than one billion in revenue have over seven “islands” of customer data. Those customer data islands—including CRM, marketing applications, email, data warehouses, and spreadsheets—each serve their own teams and mandates that may not align with yours.

Tackling people, processes, and systems one episode at a time

Seasoned Segment experts know how to build bridges across those customer data islands and enable transformational change. We’ve brought these experts together to form the Segment Data Council

Data Council members honed their Segment savviness through empowering product, marketing, engineering, and analytics teams to collect good data, make real-time decisions, and accelerate overall business growth. Many members even have experiences spanning multiple companies. Now, as part of the Data Council, they share their stories to inspire your journey with Segment. 

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In each episode, Data Council members will share their expertise, best practices, and customer data strategies. There’s no specific order to the episodes, so listen in the order that is most helpful to your own customer data journey. Here are highlights to help you choose where to start:

Automate away your job: How to do it and what to do next

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From taming horses to arranging the ideal fruit bowl, Arjun Grama, Instrumentation & Architecture Specialist at Anheuser-Busch InBev, uses vivid stories to showcase how data governance leads to better automation. His experiences accelerating organizational data maturity include kicking off customer data implementations, creating repeatable and trusted processes, and knowing when to raise the bar on growth KPIs.

Arjun grew his customer data wrangling techniques while crafting Segment tracking plans to transform product lines at IBM as a Growth Product Manager. Tune in to this episode to hear how to succeed with automation by increasing data literacy and focusing curiosities. Tune in to this episode.

Tailoring business cases: How to break through the status quo at an enterprise

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If you want to align systems, people, or processes to make stronger business cases for tools like Segment, this episode shows you how to align all three. Kurt Williams, Customer-facing Product Lead at Anheuser-Busch InBev, shares the techniques he used to change the data status quo around the globe for both digital and commercial teams. Hint—bring everyone to the table to discuss customer data in a way they’ve never thought about before.

Over the years as a product manager, Kurt championed hundreds of business case discussions for vendor tools and internal projects— including a few Segment business cases at two different companies. Tune in to this episode for an insider perspective on what it took for a Segment business case to excite stakeholders across an organization. Tune in to this episode.

Opening black boxes: How customer data provides the key

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Vishal Rana, Enterprise Product Operations Lead at Segment, observes firsthand how good data leads to organizational success. With over a decade of helping enterprises grow, Vishal shares customer insights from that first “ah-ha” moment to when retention experiences get tuned just right.

Before his time in product, Vishal led Customer Success at Segment for three years and Professional Services at Medallia for five years. From vision to reality and all the prioritization in between, tune into this episode for insights on how—especially with those last-mile activities—to succeed with customer data. Tune in to this episode.

Ready to share your story?

The Segment Data Council fosters a community of trusted champions and advocates for Segment. Members share their expertise, best practices, and strategies to help other members thrive and inspire future advocates.

Members can:

  • Take part in private, real-time discussions with community members over Slack

  • Receive exclusive invites for advisory meetings and regional events

  • Network with others that share a similar mindset and related experiences

  • Grow and promote your brand with evangelism opportunities year-round

  • Shape the Data Council charter and best practices

Do you uniquely understand and champion data to grow revenue and delight customers at scale? Show us you have what it takes by applying now to the Segment Data Council.

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