We work to improve Segment every day. We’re always releasing new features and integrations, updating our product, and publishing new guides on innovative ways to get the most out of your data. Here’s an account of what we did in January.

Source: Facebook Lead Ads — NEW

Facebook Lead Ads enable you to collect email addresses from prospects directly in the Facebook News Feed. Using Segment, you can automate sending this lead data to your downstream email tools, enrich it with traits, and combine it with other customer data for deeper analysis. Watch our webinar to find out how to improve your Facebook Lead Ads with Segment.

Integration: Adobe Analytics — UPDATE

Our updated Adobe Analytics integration uses their faster, leaner, newer library called appmeasurement.js. Our integration with Omniture’s H-Code is now deprecated, but will continue working for existing customers indefinitely.

Feature: Sortable Schema — NEW

Your Schema page is where you can see a table of the events being sent to Segment by your website or app. This update lets you sort a table by the title of the event, the number of times it’s been fired, how recently it’s been fired, and how many filters are being applied. You can also choose to look at events from the last 60 days, 30 days, or 24 hours.

Feature: Selective Sync — NEW

Selective Sync gives you the power to select what sources, events, and traits get synced into your warehouse. It’s available to Business Tier customers.

Guide: Data Tracking Essentials — NEW

This guide describes various stages of the customer journey and outlines tips for using page calls, track calls, identify calls, and more to track data the right way.

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