Many of you have asked for a way to filter specific events from being sent to specific integrations. The answer is here: event filtering in Schema!

In case you haven’t seen our previous posts, the Schema is our latest addition to Segment, a workflow that lets you view and control the data you’re sending us!

Event Filtering

While you could already disable events from being sent to all integrations, now you can choose to disable events for specific integrations, too.

This is helpful if you’d like to stop a popular event from running up your bill in an expensive tool, or if you want to send a niche event to a single tool only. Now you can choose which integrations should receive each event right in the Segment interface. No code required!

By default, your events will still go to all of the integrations you have turned on via Segment, but now you have complete control on a per-event basis.

This feature is available for customers on the Business Plan.