We’re happy to announce that we just released our newest premium service: our Omniture integration. Omniture is the premier E-Commerce tool for tracking user behavior, and it’s used by tons of large businesses worldwide.

By turning on the integration in Segment, all of the events you track through our API will be sent directly to Omniture as well! No code changes. That means you can replace your complicated Omniture implementation with the same clean analytics API we support everywhere else.

Instead of your usual…

s.events = 'scCheckout';
s.linkTrackEvents = 'scCheckout';
s.linkTrackVars = 'events,prop1,prop17,eVar23,eVar14';
s.prop1 = 'email';
s.prop17 = '30% off';
s.eVar23 = '30% off';
s.eVar14 = 'segment.com';

… you can use our simple, readable API to send events straight to Omniture that other humans can understand:

analytics.track('Checkout', {
  medium   : 'email',
  campaign : '30% off',
  referrer : 'segment.com'

We’ve simplified the approach to tracking the rest of your data, so we’re really happy to bring you the simplest Omniture API out there!

You can check it out on our Omniture integration page, or flip on the integration today from your project’s integrations page.

Update: Omniture is now a part of Adobe. To learn more about Segment’s Adobe Analytics integration, check out our docs.

PS. Coming up next in June, we’ll be adding support for Eloqua and Webtrends, so stay on the lookout! And if you’re interested in either of those integrations get in touch.