Kailey Raymond on June 13th 2022

We're at an inflection point in the evolution of customer engagement. Good Data, Better Marketing is a podcast featuring experts building next-gen customer engagement. Tune in to learn how enterprises are building human-first strategies in a digital world.

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Kailey Raymond on September 22nd 2022

John Sheldon, Chief Marketing Officer at SmileDirectClub, talks about the importance of a CRM across a business, rethinking the role of digital in the funnel, and the change in consumers' confidence in telehealth.

Kailey Raymond on September 8th 2022

Pepe Valiente, Senior Consultant at IBM Garage, talks about the risks of digital transformations and the importance of personalization, simplicity, and privacy for the customer experience.

Kailey Raymond on August 25th 2022

Adele Hedden, Head of Customer Experience at Faire, talks about how to build a proactive customer service model built on data and the metrics you should be tracking to improve CX.

Kailey Raymond on August 11th 2022

Rahul Kak talks about the consumerization of the healthcare industry and how his team is improving patient outcomes by leveraging predictive analytics and personalized, educational nudges.

Kailey Raymond on July 28th 2022

Liz Miller discusses how to build durable customer relationships by bridging the gap between customer needs and customer experience with open-ended questions

Kailey Raymond on July 14th 2022

Ted Chi discusses the major digital and marketing trends impacting the media industry and how he centers the customer in decision-making.

Kailey Raymond on June 30th 2022

Erin Pryor shares how building connected customer experiences in the banking industry is essential to set a brand apart. Listen to this episode of Good Data, Better Marketing to learn from the CMO of First Horizon Bank.

Kailey Raymond on June 13th 2022

Waseem Kawaf built iterative testing into his team's DNA by teaching user-centered design strategies that put the customer first. Listen to this episode of Good Data, Better Marketing to learn from STANLEY Security's success.

Kailey Raymond on June 13th 2022

Keri Taub discusses building authentic relationships in retail by bringing quantitative and qualitative data together. Come listen to this episode of Good Data, Better Marketing to learn the strategy employed at Bloomingdale's.

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