Unify your customer data with Segment and IBM Db2 Warehouse on Cloud

Sasha Blumenfeld on September 12th 2018

Whether sending an email campaign, A/B testing a product feature, or conducting funnel analysis, your teams need access to customer data they can trust.

However, as each team adds new tools to their arsenals, your customer data quickly becomes siloed, resulting in a fragmented view of your customer and incoherent customer experiences based on a tiny part of their user history.

One way to combat siloed information is by implementing a data infrastructure that collects customer data from every channel and pipes it into one data warehouse, or a central place to store all of your raw data for more granular analysis and reporting.

Historically, engineering teams have instead solved this problem by building their own ETL pipelines, spending hours maintaining each cloud application’s ever-changing API along with manually updating and defining the schema for every data source.

While an in-house solution may start off as a small project, it can quickly get out of scope and become costly and inefficient. 

To help you access and analyze your customer data quickly, we’ve added support for Db2 Warehouse on Cloud as a Destination on Segment.

Db2 Warehouse on Cloud, IBM’s fully-managed cloud data warehouse, is well-suited for companies that have large data workloads, need faster query performance and want an elastic cloud service with more transparent billing as they scale.

Together, Segment and Db2 Warehouse on Cloud give you a single, reliable place for all of your customer data. Segment captures, schematizes, and loads all of your customer interactions — from mobile, web, POS, CRM, email, and more — into Db2 Warehouse on Cloud in minutes so you can get a 360-degree view of your customer without a complicated setup or maintenance.

Why choose Db2 Warehouse on Cloud?

Db2 Warehouse on Cloud is an enterprise scale, elastic data warehouse. If you have large volumes of data and many teammates querying your database at the same time, Db2 Warehouse on Cloud will provide the performance and stability required to ensure you don’t experience long query load times.

Some key benefits of IBM Db2 Warehouse on Cloud include:

  • Elasticity: Db2 Warehouse on Cloud automatically scales to meet the demands of your data. It scales storage independently from compute so you can tune your data warehouse to match your requirements for today while also scaling for tomorrow.

  • Faster analytics: Db2 Warehouse on Cloud is a columnar data store, optimized and tuned for analytics workloads. Column-oriented databases are best suited for analytics because of how the data is stored and processed. Specifically, most processing occurs in memory which removes seek time when querying the data; skipping over the non-relevant data and returning results faster.

  • Managed by IBM 24/7: IBM manages and supports updates, patches, and daily backups for Db2 Warehouse on Cloud so you can focus on your analytics instead of database maintenance.

  • Free migration support: Not on the cloud? IBM provides a single point of contact who will coordinate and marshal whatever resources are needed to help you successfully migrate to Db2 Warehouse on Cloud.

Using Segment and Db2 Warehouse on Cloud to drive product activation

As an early user of our mutual integration, the Db2 on Cloud team at IBM was able to more quickly and efficiently make data accessible to their marketing and analytics tools.

We spoke with Miran Badzak, Product Manager at IBM, to learn how he brought Segment and Db2 Warehouse on Cloud together to drive more targeted customer experiences throughout their SaaS offerings.

"Before Segment, we had a 15 person team, the Metrics team, that built out and maintained our own data pipeline to collect, extract, transform and load customer data from each product into Db2 Warehouse on Cloud,” explained Badzak.

When Badzak’s team discovered Segment, they were able to accelerate efforts in their customer nurture program by saving time from building out their own data pipelines.

“After our engineering team picked up Segment, we were able to start analyzing our data within a day or so. Our Metrics team has been able to reallocate their engineer’s time from maintaining a data pipeline to continuing to develop our core products.”

By getting immediate access to their data, Badzak and his team were able to start identifying which parts of the customer journey were causing the most drop-offs in conversions.  

“We took those insights and collaborated with the marketing team to drive new nurture emails and in-app notifications specifically addressing these conversion optimizations.”

You can learn more about the challenges, the solution, and the results in our upcoming webinar with Badzak.

Deploying your Db2 Warehouse on Cloud with Segment

If you’re ready to free yourself from costly data pipeline and warehouse maintenance, check out how to use Segment and IBM Db2 Warehouse on Cloud today.

Together, we simplify your infrastructure and reduce the time and resources required for unifying your customer data  - so you can focus on analysis and experimentation.

Want to see Segment + Db2 Warehouse on Cloud in action? Sign up for our webinar by registering here.

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