Chopra Global builds data-driven products and maximizes resources with Segment

With Segment, Chopra Global is saving time and money, and achieving advanced capabilities.

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“Segment saved us time and money, gave us capabilities we never would have had with a small team, and set us up for a data-driven future. ”

— Josh Wexler, Chief Product Officer, Chopra Global

Chopra Global is a leading whole health company, offering personalized health, lifestyle, and fitness programs for millions of people globally. Chopra Global has been at the forefront of health and wellness for more than two decades with a portfolio that includes an editorial archive of more than 2000 health articles, expansive self-care practices and meditations, a comprehensive mobile app, masterclasses, teacher certifications, immersive live events and personalized retreats. By providing tools, guidance and community, Chopra aims to advance a culture of well-being and make a healthy, peaceful and joyful life accessible to all. 

Chopra Global needed to build new digital products to reach users, but lacked the team and infrastructure needed to build quality digital products. The company implemented Segment as a core part of their technical architecture and digital platform, saving time and money and giving them advanced capabilities.

A mobile app launch on the horizon

Chopra Global has been delivering leading health and wellness content to consumers for over 20 years, but lacked a strong digital platform. With more consumers wanting to engage with health and wellness solutions at their own leisure online, Chopra Global knew it needed to develop powerful digital channels to keep up with demand. The team set a goal to launch an immersive well-being mobile application to achieve the vision. However, they had a small team with only 4 engineers and no data leads, and lacked the infrastructure required to deliver quality, data-driven digital products.

Implementing Segment as the core technical architecture 

Josh Wexler, Chief Product Officer at Chopra Global, implemented Segment as a core part of the technical architecture and digital platform to drive the mobile app launch. Segment enabled Chopra Global to quickly spin up a world class tech stack, to maximize resources, and build a data-driven mobile application and engineering organization. 

Segment enabled Josh’s small team to focus on building great products and achieving growth goals, instead of spending time integrating tools and connecting data sources. Josh explains that he wanted to,

“Go with the best in class systems from the start. We were launching an app from scratch, with a small team. The idea of being able to build out piping, data infrastructure, a central data hub, and easily connect all of our tools, without having a data team or large engineering team, made it obvious that we needed a CDP. We knew we needed to integrate Segment with our tech stack from the beginning because it would save us time and money in the long run.”

Once Segment was implemented, their engineering team had access to the behavioral data they needed to build a data-driven digital app and focus on features that would help them achieve their most critical KPIs. For example, at the start of the mobile application project, they assumed they would need to rebuild their onboarding funnel. However, after looking at behavioral data, unified by Segment, they realized they could focus their limited resources on higher priority features instead.

Access to holistic customer data also meant that the Chopra team could consistently make product decisions based on trends across all users, rather than being distracted by feedback from a small but vocal minority of users that would have influenced less impactful features.

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Maximizing resources and making data-driven decisions

Segment enabled Chopra Global’s team to focus on building great products instead of spending time on integrations and data connections. Segment also gave them access to the advanced behavioral data they needed to build a data-driven, immersive digital product.

Chopra Global maximizes limited resources with Segment:

“Segment is significantly cheaper than having a full data team. It gave us significant leverage in setting up our data and pipelines, and allowed us to see what our customers are actually doing. We can also quickly and easily change instrumentation long term.” 

-Josh Wexler, Chief Product Officer, Chopra Global

Chopra Global builds data-driven products with Segment:

“We are able to focus our small team of 4 engineers on building data-driven features based on user behavior; the new Chopra Global app has been consistently trending in the top fitness apps since the September launch.” 

 -Josh Wexler, Chief Product Officer, Chopra Global

Chopra Global builds a faster, future-proofed organization with Segment:

“Segment is foundational to our digital strategy and data-driven future. Segment lets us do things so much faster and with so much more accuracy that allows us to scale and turn on new tools as we grow. Segment also lets us recruit the best talent because they know they will be able to focus their time on building cool things, instead of messing with clunky integrations.”  

-Josh Wexler, Chief Product Officer, Chopra Global

Industry: Healthcare
Location: New York, New York