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“We use Segment as our CDP and the biggest thing it’s given us is flexibility. We have the flexibility to define what the ideal experience is for our customers. We’re able to focus on the most optimal journey and know that it will be possible; we know that any experience we want to deliver to our customers we can deliver downstream to them. ”

— Laura Brodie, Director of Customer Lifecycle and Growth at Ritual

The Company:

Ritual is a health-meets-technology company reimagining the products we use every day, starting with the multivitamin. The brand was founded on the belief that better health begins with better ingredients, and has pioneered a new standard of high-quality, clean products that are backed by science and Made TraceableTM with the first visible supply chain of its kind. 

The Challenge:

When Ritual first launched in 2015, they focused their limited resources on building great products and delivering superior customer service. While Ritual believed in the power of data and invested in data infrastructure, their teams struggled to effectively use the data they were collecting to create business value. They lacked sophisticated experimentation and personalization strategies, which limited their ability to provide optimal experiences for their customers.

The Solution:

Laura Brodie, Director of Customer Lifecycle and Growth at Ritual, and her team created a strategy to deliver the optimal user journey to customers using Segment as their Customer Data Platform.

Ritual’s first step was to improve how they tested customer experience assumptions. Laura from Ritual explains, “We couldn’t just dive in with experimentation. The first step was using our data in a real execution and making sure everything was flowing correctly. Once the foundation was set, we started with simpler tests and got our measurement approach in place. From there, we were able to begin more rapid experimentation using customer data.” 

After establishing an experimentation muscle, Ritual focused on using customer data to segment their audience and personalize the customer experience. “We use our data to create deep segments and bring our customers down a personalized journey that sticks with them for the full tenure they are subscribed to Ritual,” Laura describes. Ritual sends Segment customer data to downstream tools like Iterable, their email service provider, to create an optimal journey based on the products users have purchased and their life stage. 

Using Segment and Iterable together, Ritual is able to support their prenatal subscribers with personalized emails. First, subscribers receive introductory content about the Essential Prenatal multivitamin, then they receive helpful editorial content to support their pregnancy. As their due date approaches, they receive an introduction to the Ritual Postnatal multivitamin.

Ritual email sequence

The Results:

With flexible data infrastructure and a sophisticated optimization program, Ritual is able to activate their data to continuously optimize the user journey and improve customer engagement.

Ritual recently introduced a new bundling feature, and is using Segment to drive new subscriptions. “Users can add up to 6 products in their subscription box that’s shipped to them every month. Our bundling feature provides a great opportunity to introduce our customers to additional products that are going to be a really good fit for their household. We use personalization and we’re starting to do some really exciting tests into that where we try to predict what other products our customers would be interested in.” Ritual is now better able to identify their user’s needs and create loyal customers through optimized experiences.

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To learn more about how Ritual creates optimal user journeys and improves engagement, watch Laura Brodie's CDP Week video panel. To get started optimizing your user journeys, request a demo to speak to a Segment expert.

Industry: Consumer Products
Location: Los Angeles, California