Agrando increases accessibility to trusted data by 350% across the business to drive personalized experiences to customers

With Segment, Agrando was able to transform its tech stack in one week and unify its customer data to enable teams to make data-driven decisions.

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“Working with Segment has dramatically improved our ability to make good decisions, based on trusted, consistent customer data. We’re now able to deliver more tailored and timely experiences to our customers and our teams can easily integrate the innovative tools they need to drive performance.”

— Thomas Schmidt, Head of Data Science, Agrando

Agrando is the leading independent solution provider for digital agricultural trade, making regional agricultural structures fit for the future. Its trading platform simplifies traditional trading processes and delivers unique market analysis that helps companies to remain competitive in the complex agricultural economy.

Agrando’s long-term mission is to digitize agricultural trade throughout Europe, shaping a sustainable agricultural market in which all market participants can do business with each other as efficiently and successfully as possible.

The company was founded in Munich, Germany, in 2017 and is experiencing rapid growth, scaling from 50 employees in 2019 to more than 170 employees in 2021.

To support this ongoing growth, Agrando needed to simplify and centralize its customer data to create a single view of the customer and arm teams with trusted data to make informed, real-time decisions. This was vital to enable marketing, sales and support teams to deliver more personalized experiences to farmers and vendors, and to free up time for engineering teams to focus on product innovation. 

Agrando turned to Segment to create a centralized, single source of truth for event and user behavior data. In doing so, it was able to:

  • Increase accessibility of data sources by 350% to ensure all teams have easy access to unified and consistent customer data 

  • Enable teams to easily integrate tools to deliver more personalized, relevant experiences to farmers and partners

  • Increase productivity and innovation within engineering teams by eliminating the need to focus on product integrations

Unifying siloed data and freeing up engineering resources

As a fast growing start up, Agrando needed to adopt a strategic, scalable approach to customer data. The teams had different information across the CRM platform and other databases, so it was challenging to make informed decisions and provide customers with relevant information and offers. 

Much of the problem stemmed from the fact that Agrando’s tech stack had become increasingly fragmented and difficult to manage and scale. New integrations that had been designed as proof-of-concepts had quickly switched to real-life production environments, with little planning around how data flows between applications and systems. The result was an increasingly complex web of applications and databases, with customer data isolated within tools. 

The company had reached the limit of its existing tech stack and this was creating a huge workload on production systems and dramatically increasing the cost to build and maintain integrations. Engineering teams were spending vast amounts of time integrating new tools and this was limiting the amount of focus being given to product innovation.

Thomas Schmidt, Head of Data Science at Agrando, recognized the need to streamline event tracking across the tech stack and to create a single data source to allow better, more consistent decision-making across the business. Initially, Thomas and his team looked at implementing a dedicated event tracking tool but then discovered that Segment could deliver this level of event tracking and also provide a platform for all customer data. 

Segment would allow teams to easily and quickly integrate the tools they needed, without having to rely on engineering support. And with the data from Segment, the customer success and marketing teams would be able to build audiences for use across all downstream tools, enabling them to deliver timely and personalized experiences to customers.

Creating a single source of truth for customer data

Agrando brought in Segment to integrate multiple data sources into a single Customer Data Platform (CDP) and manage its data across all channels. It also implemented Segment Personas to enable teams to build audiences for downstream tools.

Agrando has integrated Twelves Sources into Segment, including Facebook Pixel, Google Ads, Mailjet for email marketing and Stripe for payments processing. 

The company also created a custom function for its CRM tool, Insightly, which it was able to build in a single day, as both a Source and Destination. Overall, the implementation of Segment took only one week. 

Agrando uses BigQuery as its data warehouse and a number of different Destinations, such as Hotjar, Intercom and Google Analytics

Agrando Tech Stack

With a CDP in place, Agrando is now able to capture and standardize data from across all of its Sources into a single repository. And having this single source of truth has meant that whatever downstream tool teams use for analysis or marketing, they know that it is based on consistent, trusted data. 

Democratizing trusted data across the entire business

Segment is deployed widely across Agrando’s business. It is used extensively by the data science team, which now has access to trusted, real-time data to create accurate models for the business. In addition, the introduction of Segment has helped Thomas and his team to accelerate the company’s ongoing data warehouse implementation and to gradually remove legacy data pipelines within the tech stack.

Segment is also used by sales and support teams to deliver more personalized experiences for farmers and partners, and by marketing and product teams who are now able to easily integrate new downstream tools to test new messages and offers. 

One example of how Agrando has benefited from having a single source of truth for customer data is within its handling of password reminders. Previously, when a farmer registered for the platform, he or she would complete a form and then receive an email to set up a password and complete the registration. This process was managed in a separate system so the Marketing team had to rely on the data science team to manually identify the farmers that had yet to set up their password.

With Segment, the marketing team can now easily conduct a search to find out which farmers have yet to set up their password, set up an audience for this group and transfer this to the CRM. The team has been able to create an automated process where this audience receives two emails over the course of a week to remind them to set up a password and complete their registration. And this has had a big impact in reducing the number of registrations that aren’t completed, and driving adoption of the platform.

“Having a single source of truth for customer data has been a real game changer in terms of how we run and measure our marketing campaigns. We can now replicate data from Segment into all of our downstream tools, with complete accuracy, and this is having a huge impact on our ability to personalize customer engagement. We’re rolling out campaigns far more quickly now because we’re not having to manually filter through masses of data to define our audiences. Segment is giving us the flexibility and speed to test out new tools and technologies and try out new ways to engage our audiences.” - Michèle Böswald, Marketing Manager, Agrando

Building trust in data and confidence in decision-making to transform customer experience

By deploying Segment, Agrando has created a single source of truth for customer data, around which all teams can benchmark, collaborate and plan. This has allowed for more confident, consistent decision making across the business.

Importantly, Segment has enabled teams to easily and quickly integrate the tools they need to deliver brilliant, personalized experiences to farmers and partners. In doing so, they can focus on driving customer and business growth. And because Segment provides simple plug and play integrations, engineers are no longer being called upon to support teams in onboarding new tools. Instead they can focus on product development and innovation. 

What’s next? Agrando is looking to expand its use of Segment Personas to drive personalized email retargeting campaigns, offering customers relevant offers and incentives based on their specific interests and needs. This is expected to lead to significant improvements in engagement and conversion. 

“With Segment, we’ve been able to centralize our customer data quickly and efficiently. And in doing so, we’ve massively reduced the burden on our engineering teams to integrate new tools, and on our data science teams to build audiences for marketing campaigns. All of our teams are now focused on the things that drive most value for the business and they know that they can easily access and integrate the tools they need to continually optimize their performance.” - Thomas Schmidt, Head of Data Science, Agrando

Industry: B2B Tech
Location: Munich, Germany