uses Personas to reduce the time to resolve support tickets by 80%

With the person-level profiles provided by Personas, the team is able to resolve support tickets faster and personalize their marketing messages at each stage of the user journey.

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“We've reduced handle time on complex tickets by up to 80% using Personas, because agents can jump right into Personas to look at event logs without having to ask an engineer to stop what they're doing and query audit logs in the hundreds of millions of rows”

— Kyle Gesuelli, Head of Growth,

The Company is a professional video software company that allows team members to collaborate on video projects online. can be used in a browser or with popular creative tools such as Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects, Final Cut Pro, Slack, and Vimeo, eliminating the hodgepodge of tools needed to review and edit videos. Now, instead of using Dropbox for file sharing, Vimeo for video review, and email for communication, teams can utilize for all of their communications, thereby eliminating miscommunication, preventing feedback paralysis, and accelerating productivity.

Since its beginning in New York City in 2015, has grown to 50,000 monthly self-service and enterprise users. More than 400,000 pros already collaborate with

The Challenge needed a definitive “single source of truth” where they could unify diverse data sources that would provide the full picture of their customers. “We tracked client activity, but it was difficult to compile that stream of data into a customer's complete history for marketing and support activities. Despite all the data points, we didn't have a global picture or place to manage the customer's profile,” stated Kyle Gesuelli, Head of Growth at

Both the marketing and support teams at needed a better understanding of their customers to provide personal, helpful experiences. When a customer wrote into support, their agents needed to enlist engineers to figure out what happened with a specific customer having a specific issue. The engineers would need to search through internal log files in addition to their core work. This increased the time to resolve the ticket for the customer and made the support agents less efficient.

On the marketing side, creating an effective cross-channel marketing campaign was a struggle because used point solutions for different channels. However, each product they used for in-app, email, push, and on-site notifications had different segmentation capabilities. This meant customers could receive contradicting messages depending on where they interacted with The growth team wanted to continue to use the tools they had in place and also execute campaigns that drove consistent messaging based on the customer, not the channel.

The Solution chose to use Personas to build their single view of the customer, streamline support interactions, and synchronize their external messaging to customers. relies on Personas for:
  • Identity and account resolution Unifies user history across devices and channels into one comprehensive profile.

  • Trait and audience building Synthesizes data into traits, audiences, and predictions for each customer.

  • Activation Pushes audiences to end tools for personalized marketing campaigns and in-app experiences.

Personas automatically builds user profiles by combining customer history across devices and channels. As a result, the support team can use Personas to securely find an individual customer’s profile to better understand their issue.

Instead of asking a user multiple questions to identify a problem, Personas offers one place for the support team to review a user’s events in a series. Gesuelli said, “Personas gives us the detail we need to solve support tickets faster. We securely search Personas for customers who have submitted tickets and can quickly get information on related events, properties, and errors to uncover issues.”

Personas also helps’s growth team keep messages in sync. Gesuelli shared how communication with customers is now in sync because the same audiences are being used to trigger notifications across each marketing automation tool they use.

"We are confident the information a user receives from an Autopilot email matches information they receive through in-app messages from Intercom and on-site live chats through Drift because everything is powered by Personas,” said Gesuelli.

The Results

Personas combines user history across devices and channels for faster ticket resolution.

The customer support agents can directly access customer profiles and solve problems independently of engineering: “We've reduced handle time on complex tickets by up to 80% using Personas because agents can jump right into Personas to look at event logs without having to ask an engineer to stop what they're doing and query audit logs in the hundreds of millions of rows,” Gesuelli said.

Personas increases marketing performance and delivers more personalized campaigns.

Personas helps the growth team create and launch automated marketing campaigns at every stage of the funnel that are tailored to one user’s specific interactions. This increases activation conversion rates and proactively identifies customers who are a good fit for’s enterprise products.

As a next step, plans to use Personas to drive contextual experiences on their marketing site, their web application, and their blog. For, the ultimate goal is to drive business by funneling users through the marketing experience from awareness, to activation, retention and all the way through advocacy. "Having our entire marketing automation programming powered by Segment reduced campaign coordination time by 50%. Moreover, the personalized campaigns that we are able to run with Personas yield results that are 50% higher,” said Gesuelli.

Industry: B2B Tech
Location: New York, NY