How New Relic uses Segment to power its growth marketing technologies

Segment is the bedrock piece of technology that lets its growth marketers track their entire customer journey.

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“Segment is the bedrock of the marketing technologies that allow us to be better, faster, stronger, and do more than we’d normally be able to do.”

— Niels Fogt, Director of Lifecycle Marketing, New Relic

The Challenge

New Relic's cloud-based platform helps companies around the world to find and fix software problems faster, build high-performing DevOps teams, and deliver delightful experiences for their own customers. In New Relic's mission to enable its customers to deliver world-class experiences, New Relic knew it needed a robust customer data platform. However, building its own would have required too much time and would have accrued significant technical debt.

The Solution

Not only did Segment provide New Relic with the data pipeline critical to powering its marketing tech stack, it also allowed them the ability to quickly integrate new software tools into its customer data platform. Without the need to invest time and resources on building and maintaining a data pipeline, New Relic can turn its attention to making smarter business decisions with the real-time, trustworthy customer data.

The Results

  • Analytics tools make growth marketers smarter, faster, and stronger. Segment is the core of those technologies.

  • Marketers don’t have to focus on the pipeline itself, and can instead spend their time going deep into their data to better understand their customers.

  • Engineers can concentrate on building and maintaining customer-facing features, not internal tools.

Industry: B2B Tech
Location: San Francisco, CA