Product Hunt uses Segment to make data-driven redesign decisions

Segment made it easy for Product Hunt to access data, answer questions, and make faster changes than ever before by using omnichannel data collected from its iOS and Android apps, website and servers.

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“Using Segment enables us to spend more time improving Product Hunt and less on managing our metrics.”

— Mike Coutermarsh, Software Engineer, Product Hunt

The Company

Product Hunt is a website that lets users share and discover new products. Community members can submit, browse, vote and comment on daily submissions of products and collections of products.

The Challenge

The team at Product Hunt knew they could move faster and make better decisions. But fragmented data collection made it difficult to generate actionable insights about community growth. The engineering team was spending too much time running reports rather than developing the product.

The Solution

By creating a primary source of truth, Segment has empowered Product Hunt’s teams to make autonomous, data-driven decisions and drive product discovery.

With easy setup and instant access to best-in-class tools, Segment enables cross-functional teams to answer their own questions about community growth and feature performance. Access to clean, trustworthy data lets Product Hunt make faster decisions about features.

The Results

With Segment, Product Hunt can measure the effect of UI changes on their most important metric: Product Discovery. Access to clean, trustworthy data enables Product Hunt to make faster decisions about features. Their recent redesign was released to groups of beta users so the product team could monitor performance and make adjustments.

  • Increased access to information has resulted in greater autonomy across the entire company.

  • Teams are empowered to query data directly in SQL and answer their own adhoc questions.

  • Discovered their “aha moment” which exponentially increases the likelihood a user will become a loyal community member.

Industry: Consumer Products
Location: New York, NY