Open Design Roles


Product Design

The Product Design at Segment is constantly thinking about two things: how to move the metrics that matter and what customers really need. We are constantly learning from our customers about what they need so we can maximize our impact on top of the funnel metrics, overall usability, and everything in between.

Brand Design

The Brand Design team is the steward of the Segment brand. Every day we strive to build trust and clarity with customers with a cohesive brand feel and deliver thoughtful and scalable design solutions.

UX Research

The Research team helps bring the customer to the center of everything we do at Segment. We work to understand our customer’s challenges, build best-in-class research processes, and unearth new opportunities that will propel Segment’s product and design forward.

Who We Are

Hannah Hudson

Hareem Mannan

Qiao Huang

Kate Hsiao

Kevin Tu

Vanessa Ng

Miranda Nguyen

Kyna Diggs

Jarrod Bryan

How We Work


“Who?” “Why?” “How?” We ask lots of questions, but we’re good listeners too. That’s because both our users and our data have valuable things to say.

Cross-functional collaboration

We wouldn’t be able to do great things without our PMs and engineers. The folks over at Marketing, Analytics, and Success are pretty awesome too.

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