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Destination Info

Blend-AI identifies the most valuable product interaction in your product data and cross references it with new incoming leads.

Blend-AI maintains this destination. For any issues with the destination, contact their Support team.

Analytics.js 2.0

Actions-based destinations may require features found in Analytics.js 2.0. If the destination has Web actions and is connected to a javascript source, upgrade your Analytics.js source to ensure compatibility.

Getting started

  1. From the Segment web app, navigate to Connections > Catalog, then select the Destinations tab in the catalog.
  2. Search for Blend-AI and select it.
  3. Click Configure Blend-AI.
  4. Select an existing Source to connect to Blend-AI (Actions).
  5. Give the destination a name that is recognizable and detailed.
  6. Paste your Blend’s API key (found on Blend’s integration page under the Segment section).
  7. Enable the destination by changing the bottom Enable Destination toggle to active.
  8. Click Save Changes.

Destination Settings

Setting Description
API Key Required.

Blend API key - found on integration page.

Available Presets

Blend Ai has the following presets:

Preset Name Trigger Default Action
Send Data to Blend Event type = "identify"
Event type = "page"
Event type = "screen"
Event type = "track"
Send Data

Available Actions

Build your own Mappings! Combine supported triggers with the following Blend Ai-supported actions:

Mapping limits per destination

Individual destination instances have support a maximum of 50 mappings.

Send Data

Send data to Blend AI for product usage insights

Send Data is a Cloud action. The default Trigger is: type = "identify" or type = "page" or type = "screen" or type = "track"

This action does not have any fields.

This page was last modified: 05 Apr 2023

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