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FullStory lets product and support teams easily understand everything about the customer experience. The Segment integration for FullStory helps accurately identify your customers within FullStory.

FullStory’s cloud mode Segment integration allows you to enrich FullStory data by sending user properties and events from your servers and Cloud Apps so that you apply it to your analysis throughout FullStory. For example, you could build a funnel to analyze drop-off of users who engaged with a certain marketing campaign.

FullStory’s cloud mode destination requires that you also use FullStory’s tagless autocapture, available through the FullStory Device Mode (Actions) web destination. However, if you want to enrich the autocapture data with custom user properties and events from other server-side sources or cloud apps, such as recurring subscription purchases, use this cloud mode destination.


The FullStory cloud mode destination sends information about your users and related events to FullStory. It uses FullStory’s REST APIs.

  • Identify User: Converts Segment Identify calls to FullStory Set User Properties API calls. Use this to set custom attributes which can be used to search and segment within FullStory.
  • Track Custom Event: Converts Segment Track calls to FullStory custom event API calls. Use this to capture more context about your user’s experience on your site or to capture user’s actions in other applications to build a more complete understanding of your user’s overall experience.

Benefits of FullStory Cloud Mode (Actions)

  • Enrich autocapture data with FullStory’s latest data capture APIs
  • Ability to send custom events from new sources
  • Use Destination Filters to selectively send certain events or user properties to FullStory

Getting Started

  1. You need a FullStory API Key to use the FullStory cloud mode destination. Refer to this article to learn how to generate a new API Key within FullStory.
  2. From the Segment web app, click Catalog, then click Destinations.
  3. Find “FullStory Cloud Mode (Actions)” in the Destinations list and click it.
  4. Click Configure FullStory Cloud Mode (Actions).
  5. Select an existing Source to connect to FullStory Cloud Mode (Actions).
  6. Provide a Destination Name and select Fill in settings manually. Ensure the “Actions” destinations framework is selected and click Save.
  7. On the Basic Settings page, enter your FullStory API Key from step 1 and click Save Changes.
  8. On the Mappings tab, you can view default mappings as well as add, modify, or disable mappings. Confirm that the “User ID” FullStory property is mapped to the ID previously used to identify the user. For more information, please refer to the API documentation.

Events that you send through to FullStory through a Cloud-mode connection count towards your FullStory server event quota. To see your company’s current quota allotment, view the Subscription information on the Account Settings page in FullStory.


Why am I getting a ‘404 Not Found’ error?

The user for which the API request is being made can not be found in the identified set of users within your FullStory organization. If you expect that user to already exist, you can search for that User ID in FullStory to confirm. Also, double check that you are using an API key from the same organization.

Data sent server-side for users must match an already existing userId that was sent from a client-side connection.

Destination Settings

Setting Description
API Key Required.

FullStory API key

Available Presets

Fullstory Cloud Mode (Actions) has the following presets:

Preset Name Trigger Default Action
Identify User Event type = "identify"
Identify User
Track Event Event type = "track"
Track Event

Available Actions

Build your own Mappings! Combine supported triggers with the following Fullstory Cloud Mode-supported actions:

Mapping limits per destination

Individual destination instances have support a maximum of 50 mappings.

Track Event

Track events

Track Event is a Cloud action. The default Trigger is: type = "track"

Click to show / hide fields

Field Description
User ID* Type: STRING

The user’s id

Name* Type: STRING

The name of the event.

Properties Type: OBJECT

A JSON object containing additional information about the event that will be indexed by FullStory.

Timestamp Type: DATETIME

The date and time when the event occurred. If not provided, the current FullStory server time will be used.

Use Recent Session Type: BOOLEAN

Set to true if the custom event should be attached to the user’s most recent session. The most recent session must have had activity within the past 30 minutes.

Session URL Type: STRING

If known, the FullStory session playback URL to which the event should be attached, as returned by the FS.getCurrentSessionURL() client API.

Identify User

Sets user identity variables

Identify User is a Cloud action. The default Trigger is: type = "identify"

Click to show / hide fields

Field Description
User ID* Type: STRING

The user’s id

Anonymous ID Type: STRING

The user’s anonymous id

Display Name Type: STRING

The user’s display name

Email Type: STRING

The user’s email

Traits Type: OBJECT

The Segment traits to be forwarded to FullStory

This page was last modified: 26 Jan 2023

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