Qualtrics Destination

Qualtrics is an Experience Management platform that allows companies to design and improve customer and employee experiences through listening, analysis and action. Power richer Qualtrics insights or perform action based on your event data using the Qualtrics destination

Analytics.js 2.0

Actions-based destinations may require features found in Analytics.js 2.0. If the destination has Web actions and is connected to a javascript source, upgrade your Analytics.js source to ensure compatibility.

Benefits of Qualtrics (Actions)

Qualtrics (Actions) provides the following benefits:

  • Keeping your contact data in sync. The Qualtrics destination provides actions to sync your contact data from your system of record up to date with Qualtrics XiD
  • Streamlined configuration. Qualtrics destination maps your event data to the Qualtrics API & Qualtrics xflow (workflows) out of the box

Getting started

  1. From the Segment web app, click Catalog, then click Destinations.
  2. Find the Destinations Actions item in the left navigation, and click it.
  3. Click Configure Qualtrics.
  4. Select an existing Source to connect to Qualtrics (Actions).
  5. To authenticate, enter your API key & Datacenter ID. To locate your API key & Datacenter ID, follow in the instructions found here

Destination Settings

Setting Description
API Token Required.

Qualtrics API token found in your Qualtrics account under “Account settings” -> “Qualtrics IDs.”

Datacenter ID Required.

Qualtrics datacenter id that identifies where your qualtrics instance is located. Found under “Account settings” -> “Qualtrics IDs”.

Available Actions

Build your own Mappings! Combine supported triggers with the following Qualtrics-supported actions:

Mapping limits per destination

Individual destination instances have support a maximum of 50 mappings.

Add / Update Contact in XMD

Add or update contact in XMD

Add / Update Contact in XMD is a Cloud action. The default Trigger is:

type = "identify"

Click to show / hide fields

Field Description
Directory ID* Type: STRING

Directory id. Also known as the Pool ID. POOL_XXX

External Data Reference Type: STRING

The external data reference which is a unique identifier for the user

Email Type: STRING

Email of contact

Phone number Type: STRING

Phone number of contact

First Name Type: STRING

First name of contact

Last Name Type: STRING

Last name of contact

Language Type: STRING

Language code of the contact

Contact is unsubscribed Type: BOOLEAN

Should the contact be unsubscribed from correspondence

Contact embedded data Type: OBJECT

Contact embedded data (properties of the contact)

Trigger workflow in xflow

This action triggers a workflow in Qualtrics xflow

Trigger workflow in xflow is a Cloud action. The default Trigger is:

Click to show / hide fields

Field Description
Workflow URL* Type: STRING

Enter the full URL as you see in your Xflow trigger. See more details on setting up an xflow trigger and getting the URL here.

Event payload Type: OBJECT

A mapping of key values to send to Qualtrics xflow.

This page was last modified: 06 Sep 2022

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