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Destination Info

Upollo finds and converts repeat trialers, account sharers and more.

11% of users signing up for free trials have already had a free trial, and up to 45% of users share their logins with others. Inviting these users to a paid account is the top underutilized growth channel for SaaS businesses.

Upollo maintains this destination. For any questions or issues with the destination, please contact the Upollo team.

Benefits of Upollo (Actions)

Upollo (Actions) provides the following benefits:

  • Find hidden growth opportunities. Quickly see how many users are repeating free trials or sharing their account.
  • More happy paying customers. Upgrade these users onto a paying plan and get more happy paying users.

Getting Started

  1. From the Segment web app, navigate to Connections > Catalog, and select the Destinations tab.
  2. Select Destinations Actions under Categories in the left navigation.
  3. Search for Upollo (Actions) and click Configure Upollo.
  4. Select an existing Source to connect to Upollo (Actions).
  5. Get your Public API key from the Upollo dashboard.
  6. Add your API key to the segment Upollo Action settings.


Upollo uses the identify call to analyze users on your platform. If the same person is using multiple accounts or if different people are sharing an account, they are flagged and shown in the Upollo dashboard.

The identify call provides any available information about the user.

analytics.identify('userId123', {
  email: 'john.doe@example.com',
  name: 'John Doe',
  phone: '+123456789'

Learn more about the Identify call.

Destination Settings

Setting Description
API Key Required.

The api key of your Upollo project. Get it from the Upollo dashboard

Available Presets

Upollo Web (Actions) has the following presets:

Preset Name Trigger Default Action
Identify Event type = "identify"
Identify user

Available Actions

Build your own Mappings! Combine supported triggers with the following Upollo Web-supported actions:

Mapping limits per destination

Individual destination instances have support a maximum of 50 mappings.

Identify user

Identify the user

Identify user is a Web action. The default Trigger is: type = "identify"

Click to show / hide fields

Field Description
User ID Type: STRING

The ID of the user

Name Type: STRING

The user’s name.

Email Address Type: STRING

The user’s email address.

Phone Number Type: STRING

The user’s phone number.

Avatar Type: STRING

The URL for the user’s avatar/profile image.

Custom Attributes Type: OBJECT

The user’s custom attributes.

This page was last modified: 14 Mar 2023

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