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Our Apteligent destination code is open sourced on Github. Feel free to check it out: iOS, Android.

Getting Started

To get started with Apteligent and Segment, you’ll want to integrate our Android or iOS SDK into your mobile app.

Once the Segment library is integrated with your app, toggle Apteligent on in your Segment destination catalog, and add your App Id which you can find in your Apteligent app settings. These new settings will take up to an hour to propogate to all of your existing users. For new users it’ll be instanteneous!


Apteligent can show you information about the user using your app. You can record that info with our identify method. You should put the identify call as soon as you know the user’s identity. This usually happens after they register or log in.


When an error occurs, you’ll want to know what user actions led to the crash. Apteligent allows you to leave “breadcrumbs” for this purpose.

Whenever you call track, we’ll leave a breadcrumb in Apteligent. Track takes the name of the event and any optional properties you want to associate with the event.

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