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This destination is maintained by the Intellimize team. contact their Support team at

The Intellimize destination has been deprecated

The Intellimize Destination was deprecated on 2021-01-25 and is no longer supported or maintained.


When you identify a user, Segment will pass that user’s information to Intellimize. Make sure userID is included in the identify call.

Make sure that no personally identifiable information (PII) is included in the call. Intellimize expressly forbids sending of PII to Intellimize.

Page, Screen, Track, Group & Alias

When you call any of these events, Segment will relay the events to Intellimize’s endpoint.


You will need to enter your API key in the Destination Settings page for Intellimize. To retrieve your API key, contact your account representative at Intellimize or to

This page was last modified: 26 Jan 2021

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