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Getting Started

Segment allows you to track events directly into Monetate, and create, test, deploy, and measure personalized marketing campaigns.


Because the Monetate destination needs to be on the page right away, Segment can’t add it for you. That means you’ll need to put the Monetate JavaScript snippet on the page. Pop over to Monetate and in Settings > destination > Tag you’ll find their snippet.

To get started with Monetate and Segment, just enable the Monetate destination on your Segment Destinations page. If you’ve already copied the Monetate script tag onto your page, you’re ready to go!

Copy and paste the code provided immediately after your opening <head> tag.

The script looks something like this:

<script type="text/javascript">
var monetateT = new Date().getTime();
(function() {
    var p = document.location.protocol;
    if (p == "http:" || p == "https:") {
        var m = document.createElement("script"); m.type = "text/javascript"; m.src = (p == "https:" ? "https://s" : "http://") + "[siteId]/p/[domain]/entry.js";
        var e = document.createElement("div"); e.appendChild(m); document.write(e.innerHTML);

Include this snippet on every page you want to run experiments on and track as a goal. This snippet will not change. This separate script is required because Monetate alters the page, if it were loaded async the alterations may cause unappealing results.


When you call the page method with a name and category, we call the ‘setPageType’ method in Monetate. This allows you to run your campaigns on different page types.


When you call the track method with the event names Viewed Product, Added Product, Order Completed from our e-commerce API we will call the corresponding addItems, addReviewRows, addConversionRows in Monetate if the Retail option is not checked in settings, and addProducts, addCartRows, addPurchaseRows if it is. Other event names will not be forwarded to Monetate.


Segment lets you change these destination settings from the Segment app without having to touch any code.

Setting Description
boolean, defaults to FALSE .

Monetate has two API’s Retail and General, Enable this setting to use Monetate’s Retail API.

This page was last modified: 15 Jul 2022

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