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Our Talkable destination (formerly Curebit) code is open-source on GitHub if you want to check it out.

Getting Started

All you need to turn on our Talkable destination is your Talkable Site ID. If you’re not sure where to look see this Help Page from Talkable.


Segment lets you change these destination settings from the Segment app without having to touch any code.

Setting Description
text-map, defaults to {}.

Each campaign runs at a specific url like /share or /invite. Map that url to the Talkable campaign_tags for that page.
Custom Script URL string. If Talkable supplies a custom URL from which to load your script, enter it here and we’ll use that instead of the default. Please include the // prefix.
Device Sizing string. What device should it be sized for?
IFrame Border string, defaults to 0 .

Your IFrame Border.
IFrame Height string, defaults to 480 .

Your IFrame Height.
IFrame Width string, defaults to 100% .

Your IFrame Width, if you’re not sure see this Help Page from Talkable.
ID to Insert Talkable string. The ID of the HTML element where you would like to insert the Talkable IFrame.
Use a Responsive IFrame boolean, defaults to TRUE .

Should the IFrame be responsive?
Server string, defaults to .

You can use your own domain if you have an enterprise Talkable account
Site ID
string. Your Site ID, if you can’t find it see this Help Page from Talkable.

This page was last modified: 08 Mar 2022

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