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Good to know: Event Cloud source

The Beamer Source is an event source. This means that it sends data as events, which are behaviors or occurrences tied to a user and a point in time. Data from these sources can be loaded into your Segment warehouses, and also sent to Segment streaming destinations. Learn more about cloud sources.

This source is supported in US data processing regions.

The Beamer source is only supported in workspaces configured to process data in the US region. Workspaces configured with data processing regions outside of the US cannot connect to this source. For more information, see Regional Segment.

Beamer is a changelog and notification center that lets you announce new features, product updates, special offers and more.

This source is maintained by Beamer. For any issues with the source, contact the Beamer Support team.

Good to know: This page is about the Beamer Segment source, which sends data into Segment. There’s also a page about the Beamer Segment destination, which receives data from Segment!

This document is about a source which is in beta

This means that the Beamer Source is in active development, and some functionality may change before it becomes generally available.

Getting Started

  1. From your Segment UI’s Sources page click on “Add Source”.
  2. Search for “Beamer” within the Sources Catalog and confirm the Source you’d like to connect to.
  3. Give the Source a nickname and follow the set up flow to “Add Source”. The nickname will be used to designate the source in the Segment interface, and Segment will create a related schema name. The schema name is the namespace you’ll be querying against in your warehouse. The nickname can be whatever you like, but we recommend sticking to something that reflects the source itself and distinguishes amongst your environments (eg. SourceName_Prod, SourceName_Staging, SourceName_Dev).
  4. Copy the Write key from the Segment UI and go to Integrations in your Beamer dashboard, then paste your write key in the Integrate with Segment section.
  5. Click on Save and that’s it!


Beamer uses a server-side track method to send all user interactions to Segment. Keep in mind Beamer will only send interactions from users that are identified with a userId, which must be provided by you. For more information on how to identify your users in Beamer, check out our Developer Docs (see the user_id parameter).

Below is a table of events that Beamer sends to Segment. These events will show up as tables in your warehouse, and as regular events in your other Destinations.

Event Name Description
Post Viewed A post in your feed was viewed by one of your users
Link Clicked A link in one of your posts was clicked by one of your users
Push Notification Clicked A push notification was received and clicked by one of your users
Post Commented A user has commented on one of your posts
Post Reacted To A user has sent a reaction to one of your posts
NPS Response Sent A user has sent an NPS response

Event Properties

Below are tables describing the properties specific to each type of events sent by Beamer.

Post Viewed

Property Name Description
post Title of the post viewed
language Two-letter language code for the post viewed (e.g en, es, fr, etc.)
origin Source from where the Beamer view came (can be Sidebar, Standalone, Notification, API or Intercom)
Property Name Description
post Title of the post where the link was clicked
language Two-letter language code for the post (e.g en, es, fr, etc.)
url Full URL of the clicked link

Push Notification Clicked

Property Name Description
post Title of the post that triggered the notification
language Two-letter language code for the post (e.g en, es, fr, etc.)
url Full URL to which the user was redirected

Post Commented

Property Name Description
post Title of the post where the comment was sent
comment Full text of the comment

Post Reacted To

Property Name Description
post Title of the post where the reaction was sent
reaction Type of reaction sent (can be positive, neutral or negative)

NPS Response Sent

Property Name Description
score Numeric score (0-10) sent by the user
comment Full text of the comment sent after scoring (if available)

Adding Destinations

Now that your Source is set up, you can connect it with Destinations.

Log into your downstream tools and check to see that your events are populating and they contains all the properties you expect. If all your events and properties are not showing up, refer to the Destination docs for troubleshooting.

If you experience any issues with how the events arrive in Segment, contact the Beamer team.

This page was last modified: 25 Apr 2022

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