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Good to know: Event source

The Shopify by Littledata Source is an event source. This means that it sends data as events, which are behaviors or occurrences tied to a user and a point in time. Data from these sources can be loaded into your Segment warehouses, and also sent to Segment streaming destinations. Learn more about cloud sources.

Littledata is a smart analytics app that automates ecommerce tracking. Littledata’s Shopify-to-Segment connection automatically tracks key ecommerce events on a Shopify or Shopify Plus store, so you can use Shopify as a source in your Segment workspace.

Littledata uses a smart tracking script that can be applied to any Shopify site. The app uses server-side tracking to ensure 100% accuracy, gathering data at every customer touch point.

This integration is maintained by Littledata. Contact their team with any questions.

Getting Started

  1. Login to your Shopify Store account.
  2. Go the Shopify app store listing for Segment by Littledata.
  3. Click Add app to begin the installation process.
  4. Sign up for a Littledata account using an email address, Google login or Facebook login. More team members can be added to the subscription after completing the installation process.
  5. Add the Segment write key for the source that is going to send data in the input field.
  6. Choose either an Automatic or a Manual install. Automatic installs work in most instances, but if you choose to do a manual install, just follow this guide.
  7. Segment’s analytics.js library, Littledata tracking script and webhooks will be automatically applied to the store and the installation proccess will then be complete.


Below is a table of events that Shopify by Littledata sends to Segment. These events will show up as tables in your warehouse, and as regular events in your other Destinations. Shopify by Littledata will send through the userId if available.

Event Name Description
Page Viewed Prospect has viewed a page
Product List Viewed Prospect has viewed a product collection page
Product Clicked Prospect has clicked a product
Product Viewed Prospect has viewed a product
Product Added Prospect has added a product to the cart
Product Removed Prospect has removed a product from the cart
Checkout Started Prospect has started checkout
Checkout Step Completed Prospect has completed a step in the checkout
Payment Info Entered Prospect has entered payment info
Order Completed Prospect has completed an order
Order Refunded Order has been refunded

In addition to the events tracked as standard, the following hits can be tracked based on page path:

Event Name Description
Registration Viewed Prospect has viewed the registration page
Cart Viewed Prospect has viewed the cart
Blog Viewed Prospect has viewed the blog
Registration Completed Prospect has completed registration

Event Properties

Below are tables outlining the properties included in the events listed above.

Property Name Description
event Event name
anonymousId Prospect Google Analytics client ID
userId Prospect ID
order_id ID of the order
checkoutId ID of the checkout session
revenue Revenue of the order
shipping Shipping tax
tax Order tax
total Total value of the order
affiliation Affiliation of the order
coupon Discount coupon
currency Currency of the order
discount Discounted amount
products Property that holds product details
category Category of the product
brand Brand of the product
list_id ID of the product collection
list_name Name of the product collection
list_position Product position in the collection
name Product name
price Product price
product_id ID of the product
sku Product SKU
variant Product variant ID
variants Property that holds product variant IDs and SKUs
id Variant ID
quantity Quantity of the product
properties Property that holds payment details
step Checkout step
paymentMethod Payment method chosen for checkout
shipping_method Shipping method chosen for checkout
sent_from Unique property to identify events sent by Littledata

This page was last modified: 14 Jul 2020

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