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Good to know: Event Cloud source

The WorkRamp Source is an event source. This means that it sends data as events, which are behaviors or occurrences tied to a user and a point in time. Data from these sources can be loaded into your Segment warehouses, and also sent to Segment streaming destinations. Learn more about cloud sources.

This source is supported in US data processing regions.

The WorkRamp source is only supported in workspaces configured to process data in the US region. Workspaces configured with data processing regions outside of the US cannot connect to this source. For more information, see Regional Segment.

WorkRamp is the All-in-One Platform that powers learning as a growth engine for the modern enterprise.

This is an Event Cloud Source which can not only export data into your Segment warehouse, but also federate data into other enabled Segment Destinations.

This source is maintained by WorkRamp. For any issues with the source, contact the WorkRamp support team.

The WorkRamp source is in Beta

WorkRamp are actively developing the source. This doc was last updated on July 8, 2022. If you are interested in joining their beta program or have any feedback to help improve the WorkRamp Source and its documentation, contact

Getting started

  1. From your workspace’s Sources catalog page click Add Source.
  2. Search for “WorkRamp” in the Sources Catalog, select WorkRamp, and click Add Source.
  3. On the next screen, give the Source a nickname configure any other settings.
    • The nickname is used as a label in the Segment app, and Segment creates a related schema name in your warehouse. The nickname can be anything, but Segment recommends something that reflects the source itself and distinguishes amongst your academies or environments (for example, WorkRamp_CustomerAcademy, WorkRamp_PartnerAcademy, WorkRamp_staging).
  4. Click Add Source to save your settings.
  5. Copy the Write key from Segment, in your Source’s Settings > API Key.
  6. Log in to your WorkRamp account - navigate to Academies > Your Academy > Integrations (for example,[academy_id]/integrations), toggle on the Segment integration, then paste your Segment Write Key in the “Write Key” field to connect.


The table below lists events tracking user interaction in WorkRamp Academy. WorkRamp sends these events to Segment, which appear as tables in your warehouse, and as regular events in other Destinations.

Event Name Description
User Registered The user registers for the academy. All custom registration fields appear under user unless they are marked as “hidden” or a password.
User Login The user logs into the academy.
User Logout The user clicks Logout from the User menu.
Search The user types a query into the Search bar.
Search Result Clicked The user clicks on a search result from the Search bar.
Content Started The user clicks Get Started from a course page
Content Resumed The user clicks Continue from a course page.
Task Viewed User views a task within Content.
Task Completed User clicks “Next” from Task Viewed.
Content Completed The user clicks Finish in a Course, Path or Certification. Properties will be including certificationId/pathId will be dependent on the content type
Content Reviewed User clicks “Review” from course page to re-enter previously completed content.
Enters Training: Path The user clicks Get Started or Continue from /paths/:path_id.
Enters Training: Certification The user clicks Get Started or Continue from /certifications/:certification_id.
Copies Public Link to Certification The user clicks Copy Public Link on /certifications/:certification_id.
Clicks “Adds Certification to LinkedIn” The user clicks Add to LinkedIn on /certifications/:certification_id/.
Downloads Certification The user clicks Download on /certifications/:certification_id/.
Views Content The user clicks Show Content.
Hides Content The user clicks Hide Content.
Event Viewed The user visits /events/:event_id.
Register Now for Event Session The user clicks Register Now (the session URL) from the events page.

Event properties

The table below list the properties included in the events listed above.

Property Name Description
academyTitle Name of the Academy.
timeStamp, receivedAt Time captured for the event, for example, ‘2022-05-25T21:29:53.429Z’.
accessedDate Timestamp for when the content was started by user.
userId The user’s ID. The user’s Email Address. The user’s Name.
Custom registration fields department, title) URL of the link clicked.
searchTerm Query entered in search bar.
contentId ID for the content (for example, guide ID).
contentTitle Name of the content (for example, guide name).
contentType Type of content (for example, guide).
certificationId ID for the Certification.
certificationShortId Public facing awarded certification URL.
pathId ID for the Path.
taskId ID for the Task.
assignmentScore Score user received on content.

Adding destinations

Once the source is configured, you can connect it to Destinations.

Log into your downstream tools and check to see that your events appear as expected, and that they contain all of the properties you expect. If your events and properties don’t appear, check the Event Delivery tool, and refer to the Destination docs for each tool for troubleshooting.

If there are any issues with how the events are arriving to Segment, contact the WorkRamp support team.

This page was last modified: 12 Jul 2022

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