Tracking Pixel API

Tracking pixels (aka beacon, 1×1 gif, or clear gif) allow for tracking email opens, advertising impressions and checkout pages where JavaScript and POST requests are disallowed, but where you can embed an image.

Follow Segment’s HTTP Tracking API to leverage the /pixel API endpoint, which accepts base64 encoded url ?data and returns an 1x1 transparent gif.

Pixel API endpoint signature:<METHOD ENDPOINT>?data=<base64-ENCODED-JSON>

Pixel Routes


Each endpoint always responds with a 200 <empty-gif>, even if an error occurs.

Example Email Opened event:

Create the payload:
  "writeKey": "YOUR_WRITE_KEY",
  "userId": "user_123",
  "event": "Email Opened",
  "properties": {
    "subject": "The Electric Daily",
    "email": ""

Note: you must include either a userId or anonymousId with every API call.

Encode it using base64 and make sure it’s URL safe:

Protip: You can accomplish this with WindowBase64 methods:

Add an image tag to your email newsletter with src pointing to a Pixel API route:
<img src="">

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