Using the Analytics.js Querystring API

Analytics.js can trigger Track and Identify events based on the URL query string. You can use this when tracking email click-throughs, social media clicks, and digital advertising.

Here are the query parameters to use:

Parameter Description Triggers
ajs_uid The userId to pass to an identify call. This triggers an identify call.
ajs_event The event name to pass to a track call. This triggers a track call.
ajs_aid The anonymousId to set for the user. This triggers an analytics.user().anonymousId() call.
ajs_prop_<property> A property to pass to the track call This won’t implicitly trigger an event and is dependent on you also passing ajs_event - this property be included in the resulting track call
ajs_trait_<trait> A trait to pass to the identify call This won’t implicitly trigger any call and is dependent on you also passing ajs_uid - this trait is included in the resulting identify call

For example, this URL:

would create the following events on the page.

analytics.identify('123456789abcd', { name: 'Karl Jr.' });
analytics.track('Clicked Email', { 'emailCampaign': 'First Touch' });

Each trigger parameter is optional. You can pass up to one of each trigger parameter as shown in the example above.

This page was last modified: 18 Sep 2020

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