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This page collates information about each source, organized by category for better comparison shopping.

Cloud App Sources

Cloud-App Sources allow you to pull in data from third-party tools so you can use it in Segment. There are two types of Cloud Apps: Object and Event sources. As in the basic tracking API, objects usually contain information about a person or group which is updated over time, while event data happens once, and is appended to a list.

  • Event Cloud-App Sources can export their data both into Segment warehouses, and into other enabled Segment integrations that work with event data. Data from Event sources can include userIds and anonymousIds, and can affect your MTU usage.

  • Object Cloud-App Sources export data and import it directly into a Segment warehouse. From the warehouse, you can analyze your data with SQL, or use Personas’s SQL Traits to build audiences. Some examples of Object Cloud sources are Salesforce (account information), Zendesk (support cases), and Stripe (payments information).

Source Categories Data Type
ActiveCampaign Email marketing Event πŸ—“
Aircall Crm, helpdesk, customer success Event πŸ—“
Airship Marketing automation, email marketing, sms & push notifications Event πŸ—“
Amazon S3 Custom Event πŸ—“
Amplitude Cohorts Analytics Event πŸ—“
AutopilotHQ Email marketing Event πŸ—“
Beamer Analytics, customer success, sms & push notifications, surveys Event πŸ—“
Blueshift Email marketing Event πŸ—“
Braze Sms & push notifications, email marketing Event πŸ—“
Candu Analytics, personalization, customer success Event πŸ—“
Chatlio Livechat Event πŸ—“ Email marketing Event πŸ—“
Delighted Surveys Event πŸ—“
Drip Email marketing Event πŸ—“
Facebook Ads Advertising Object 🎁
Facebook Lead Ads Email marketing Event πŸ—“
Foursquare Pilgrim Enrichment, marketing automation, personalization Event πŸ—“
Friendbuy Referrals Event πŸ—“
Google Ads Advertising Object 🎁
Herow Enrichment Event πŸ—“
HubSpot Crm Object 🎁
IBM Watson Assistant Virtual assistant Object 🎁
InMoment (formerly Wootric) Surveys Event πŸ—“
Intercom Email marketing Object 🎁
Iterable Email marketing Event πŸ—“
Klaviyo Email marketing Event πŸ—“
Klenty Email marketing Event πŸ—“
LaunchDarkly Feature flagging, a/b testing Event πŸ—“
Leanplum Sms & push notifications, a/b testing, email marketing, personalization Event πŸ—“
Looker Analytics Event πŸ—“
Mailchimp Email marketing Object 🎁
Mailjet Email marketing Event πŸ—“
Mandrill Email marketing Object 🎁
Marketo Email marketing Object 🎁
Mixpanel Cohorts Analytics Event πŸ—“
Moesif API Analytics Analytics, crm, customer success, performance monitoring Event πŸ—“
Nudgespot Email marketing Event πŸ—“
Pendo Analytics Event πŸ—“
ProveSource Marketing automation, advertising, personalization, customer success Event πŸ—“
Radar Enrichment Event πŸ—“
Refiner Surveys, enrichment, customer success Event πŸ—“
Regal Voice Marketing automation, personalization, sms & push notifications Event πŸ—“
Salesforce Crm Object 🎁
Salesforce Marketing Cloud Email marketing Object 🎁
Selligent Marketing Cloud Email marketing, marketing automation, sms & push notifications Event πŸ—“
SendGrid Email marketing Object 🎁
Snowflake Warehouse Object 🎁
Stripe Payments Object 🎁
Twilio Sms & push notifications Object 🎁
Twilio Event Streams (Beta) Analytics Event πŸ—“
Vero Email marketing Event πŸ—“
WorkRamp Learning management system Event πŸ—“
Youbora Analytics Event πŸ—“
Zendesk Helpdesk Object 🎁

This page was last modified: 05 May 2022

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