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Use IBM Db2 with Segment to get all of your event and Cloud Source data in a warehouse built by IBM. This guide will walk through what you need to know to get up and running with Db2 Warehouse and Segment in a flash.

Note: This document refers specifically to IBM Db2 Warehouse on Cloud, IBM Db2 Warehouse, and the IBM Integrated Analytics System. For questions related to any of these products, see the IBM Cloud Docs.

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Getting Started

To get started, you’ll need to create a Db2 user for Segment, give that user sufficient permissions, and then create the Segment Db2 Destination.

Create a User for Segment

To create the user account that Segment will use to load data, open the top-left menu and navigate to Settings → Manage Users:

Then click on “Add”:

Fill in your desired Segment user settings and make sure that their Privilege is “User”. You will enter these settings in to Segment later:

Give the Segment User Permissions

In order to load data, your new Segment Db2 user will need permissions to load that data. Open the top-left menu and navigate to Run SQL:

In the SQL input, type “GRANT CONNECT, CREATETAB, IMPLICIT_SCHEMA ON DATABASE TO USER segment”:, replacing “segment” with the user ID that you chose above:

Select Run → Run All to execute the GRANT command.

Create Segment Db2 Destination

In the Segment App, select Add Destination:

Search for and select “Db2”:

Add your credentials as follows:

  • Host (Found in Settings → Connection Info → Connection Information)
  • Port (50001 is Db2 Default)
  • Database name
  • User (This is the “User ID” that you created above)
  • Password
  • Security (Enter “SSL” in this field if applicable - optional)

Click connect to test the connection. If the connection is valid, your Db2 Destination will be enabled! Segment will begin syncing data to your Db2 database shortly.


Whitelisting IPs

If your Db2 Warehouse is in a private network, be sure to whitelist Segment’s IP address. Otherwise, Segment can’t load your data.

Unique User

Segment recommends you to create a unique User for the Segment Db2 Warehouse connection to your Db2 Warehouse instance so that you can manage permissions separately.


Always require SSL/TLS and make sure your data warehouse can only accept secure connections. Segment only connects to your data warehouse using SSL/TLS.

This page was last modified: 22 Oct 2021

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