Boomtrain Destination

This destination is currently in beta. If you are interested in joining, let us know!

Segment makes it easy to send your data to Boomtrain (and lots of other destinations). Once you've tracked your data through our open source libraries we'll translate and route your data to Boomtrain in the format they understand. Learn more about how to use Boomtrain with Segment.

Boomtrain is a predictive intelligence platform for marketers that leverages machine learning to drive increased clicks, engagement and revenue through customer communications. Visit Website.

The Boomtrain destination with Segment supports the identify, track and page methods. Our Javascript destination code is open sourced on Github. Feel free to check it out.

Getting Started

Steps to connect:

  • Turn on Boomtrain via the destinations catalog.
  • Enter your Boomtrain API Key.

If you’re not sure where to find your Boomtrain API Key, contact Boomtrain Support or your Boomtrain CSM directly.

When you turn on Boomtrain in Segment, this is what happens:

  • The Boomtrain snippet will start asynchronously loading Boomtrain’s Javascript library onto your page.
  • Once loaded, the Boomtrain Javascript library will automatically start sending events to the Boomtrain system indicating that the current page has been viewed.
  • When users visit pages on your site, the “viewed” events sent to the Boomtrain system will trigger ingestion of your content and processing by our machine learning algorithms.
  • To start sending custom events and user data, use the Javascript methods described below.


When you call identify on analytics.js, we call person.set on the Boomtrain Javascript Library with the traits object. A userId must be specified. For additional details about the Boomtrain person.set methods see this article on the Boomtrain Developer Documentation.


When you call track, we will send the event you specify to the track method on the Boomtrain Javascript library, along with the properties you provide. For additional details about the Boomtrain track method see this article on the Boomtrain Developer Documentation.


Segment lets you change these settings on the destination settings, without having to touch any code.

App ID

The App ID for your app can be taken from the destination guide provided by Boomtrain to your company. For additional information about your App ID or destination details, contact your Boomtrain CSM or

If you have any questions, or suggestions on we can improve this documentation, feel free to contact us.

Supported Sources and Connection Modes

📱 Device-based
☁️ Cloud-based

To learn more about about Connection Modes and what dictates which we support, see here.


Segment lets you change these destination settings via your Segment dashboard without having to touch any code.


Please contact Boomtrain to get your APP ID.

If you have any questions or see anywhere we can improve our documentation, please let us know or kick off a conversation in the Segment Community!