Chartbeat Destination

Segment makes it easy to send your data to Chartbeat (and lots of other destinations). Once you've tracked your data through our open source libraries we'll translate and route your data to Chartbeat in the format they understand. Learn more about how to use Chartbeat with Segment.

Our Chartbeat destination code is open-source on GitHub if you want to check it out.

Getting Started

When you toggle on Chartbeat in Segment, this is what happens:

  • Our CDN is updated within 45 minutes. Then our snippet will start asynchronously loading chartbeat.js onto your page. This means you should remove Chartbeat’s snippet from your page.
  • Your Chartbeat real-time dashboard will start showing live concurrent visitors.

Chartbeat is only supported on the client-side.


The page method in Analytics.js will call Chartbeat’s virtualPage function with either the Url you provide or the current window’s pathname. Use the page method if you have a one-page app that doesn’t reload the browser page between views.

You can also set a section and author for each page. For example,'putSectionHere', 'putNameOfPageHere', { author: 'putAuthorNameHere' }.

Supported Sources and Connection Modes

📱 Device-mode
☁️ Cloud-mode

To learn more about about Connection Modes and what dictates which we support, see here.


Segment lets you change these destination settings via your Segment dashboard without having to touch any code.


The same domain name you entered when adding your site’s dashboard to Chartbeat. Don’t include the www. because Chartbeat handles that for you automatically.


Chartbeat expects the document.title ( Segment page‘s props.title) to populate as title.

This setting respects Segment’s legacy behavior of setting the page name and category as title for existing users, but defaults new users to the correct behavior of sending document.title as title to Chartbeat, and allows current users to opt-in to the correct behavior if they chose.


You can find your UID on the Chartbeat Adding The Code page.

Use Chartbeat Video Script

If you select this option, we’ll load chartbeat_video.js instead of chartbeat.js. The video library has the ability to listen for play/pause events from HTML5 video tags and common 3rd party video players.

Adding Chartbeat to the integrations object

To add Chartbeat to the integrations JSON object (for example, to filter data from a specific source), use one of the 1 valid names for this integration:
  • Chartbeat

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