Countly Destination

Segment makes it easy to send your data to Countly (and lots of other destinations). Once you've tracked your data through our open source libraries we'll translate and route your data to Countly in the format they understand. Learn more about how to use Countly with Segment.

Our Countly destination code is open source on Github. Feel free to check it out: iOS, Android.

Getting Started

To get started with Countly and Segment, you’ll want to first integrate your mobile app with our iOS or Android sources.

Once the Segment library is integrated with your app, toggle Countly on in your Segment destinations catalog, and add your application’s App Key and Server URL which you can find in your Countly Application Management. If you’re using their cloud hosted solution (not hosting your own server), then your Server URL is

These new settings will take up to an hour to propogate to all of your existing users. For new users it’ll be instanteneous!


Countly is built to help you better understand your user’s behavior. To accomplish that, you’ll want to track your user’s actions in detail.

Whenever you call track from our iOS or Android library, we’ll record an event with Countly. track takes the name of the event and any optional properties you want to associate with the event.

Custom Events

All you have to do is make a track call to send a custom event to Countly. The event name will map to the countly “key” and we automatically set “count” to 1. If you add properties to the event those will be passed to Countly as well.


It’s easy to track revenue in Countly through Segment. All you have to do is use our track method with a property labeled revenue. The value must be a number.

Supported Sources and Connection Modes

📱 Device-mode
☁️ Cloud-mode

To learn more about about Connection Modes and what dictates which we support, see here.

This destination requires Device-mode for Mobile data. Follow the steps above packaged the Countly SDK with Segment’s.


Segment lets you change these destination settings via your Segment dashboard without having to touch any code.

App Key

You can find your App Key on your Countly server. It should be 40 characters long, and look something like this: c801156663bfcc4694aafc0dd26023a6d9b9544a.

Server URL

You’ll need to add your own Countly Server URL here.

Adding Countly to the integrations object

To add Countly to the integrations JSON object (for example, to filter data from a specific source), use one of the 1 valid names for this integration:
  • Countly

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