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Getting Started

Once the Segment library is integrated with your mobile app, toggle Cubitic on in your Segment dashboard, and fill in your Cubitic application key.

The Cubitic application key can be obtained by contacting

Cubitic supports the identify and track methods.


When you identify a user, Segment will pass that user’s information to Cubitic. Cubitic will store each attribute sent to build a demographic profile of your users.


When you track an event, Segment will send that event to Cubitic to be stored on the Cubitic platform.

Cubitic requires 2 events:

  • For churn predicition:

A Started Session event that is sent each time a user session starts. This event can be sent with any properties that you like, for e.g.

  • For spend prediction:

We require the above Started Session event, in addition to a Order Completed event that is fired whenever a user makes a cash purchase. This event must contain a revenue property that specifies the amount spent using any consistant denomination for all users, for e.g. report all purchases in USD

  "type": "track",
  "event": "Completed Order",
  "properties": {
    "revenue": 10.0
  "userId": "97980cfea0067",
  "version": "1.1"

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