AdWords Destination

Segment makes it easy to send your data to AdWords (and lots of other destinations). Once you've tracked your data through our open source libraries we'll translate and route your data to AdWords in the format they understand. Learn more about how to use AdWords with Segment.

Supported Sources and Connection Modes

📱 Device-based
☁️ Cloud-based

To learn more about about Connection Modes and what dictates which we support, see here.


Segment lets you change these destination settings via your Segment dashboard without having to touch any code.

Conversion ID

Your AdWords conversion identifier. It looks like 983265867. You can opt to override this on a per-event basis but at the very least this conversion ID will serve as the ID used in page calls.

Correct LAT Behavior

Enable this to set Limit Ad Tracking to true when context.device.adTrackingEnabled is false.

Event Mappings

AdWords behavior for each of your Segment Events is defined here.

The AdWords Link Id associated with Segment. The process for obtaining this can be found here. To create this Link Id, you must input Segment’s Provider Id: 7552494388

Important: this setting is required only if you are using the new AdWords for mobile implementations.

Page Remarketing

Enable this to send a remarketing tag with your page calls

Track Attribution Data

If this setting is enabled, Segment will send successfully attributed Application Installed events from AdWords as Install Attributed events back into this source. These events will contain data about the AdWords campaign that lead to the conversion. You can learn more about these events here.

Important: this feature is only available if you are using the new AdWords version.


The current version of your AdWords account. If you have migrated your AdWords account to the new AdWords interface at any point, you are using version 2. Otherwise, please select version 1.