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NOTE: Movable Ink is currently in beta and this doc was last updated on March 14, 2018. This means that there may still be some bugs for us to iron out and we’re excited to hear your thoughts. If you are interested in joining or have any feedback to help us improve the Movable Ink Destination and its documentation, and please let us know!

Getting Started

The first step is to make sure Movable Ink supports the source type and connection mode you’ve chosen to implement. You can learn more about what dictates the connection modes we support here.

📱 Device-based
☁️ Cloud-based

Perform the following steps to get started with Segment’s Movable Ink destination:

  1. Ensure you have an active Movable Ink account.
  2. Turn on the Movable Ink destination via the Segment dashboard.
  3. Talk to your Movable Ink account manager to get your Movable Ink API key.
  4. Enter the API key into the Movable Ink destination settings.
  5. Setup the Segment SDK to send track and identify events to Movable Ink.


If you haven’t had a chance to review our spec, please take a look to understand what the Identify method does.

When you send an identify event with one of Segments sources, this is passed to the Movable Ink API and includes the user traits you provide along with the previously used anonymousId as well as the userId that was given.

Once the Movable Ink API receives this identify event, it will associate the events made by the previous anonymousId to the provided userId or if one is provided. From that point on, the events will now appear in the user profile. This enables Signals features such as behavioral targeting, as well as content integrations like Behavioral Apps.


If you haven’t had a chance to review our spec, please take a look to understand what the Track method does.

When you send a track event with one of Segment’s sources, Movable Ink will normalize them into the same events that Movable Ink’s API would normally receive. They will then be available to target against in behavioral marketing campaign content as well as being available in Custom Apps and Behavioral Apps.

Track events that are sent to Movable Ink will be attributed to the user identifier provided by any identify call. This user identifier may be an email or another unique identifier if one exists for that user.

If no identify call has been made, then the events will be attributed to an anonymous user via the anonymousId, until an identify call is made and the userId is set.

Events coming from Segment have a few required properties for them to work with Signals.

Ecommerce Supported Events

Movable Ink currently supports the Segment Ecommerce event specification, and in the future Movable Ink may expand the supported events to work with additional client use cases.

Product Events

The Product Viewed and Product Added track events must include the following properties in order for them to be used in Signals:

  • sku or product_id
  • url

Conversion Events

The track event Order Completed is used to create conversion events in Signals. The required properties are:

  • total
  • products to list the products that were purchased. Each item in this list must contain the properties sku or product_id as well as price.

Example Flow

  1. Send a track event with no identity, it will attribute to an anonymous user.
  2. Send an identify event to set the user identifier.
  3. Send another track event. It will be attributed to the user set by the identify event.

Troubleshooting/ FAQ

No Events in Movable Ink associated with profiles

Remember, the track events Product Viewed and Product Added must include sku or product_id and must include a url. These properties enable events to be associated with an user’s profile.

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