PersistIQ Destination

PersistIQ is the easiest sales engagement software to use. Sales teams use PersistIQ to connect with more prospects using targeted emails, calls, and tasks.

This destination is maintained by PersistIQ. For any issues with the destination, please reach out to their team.

NOTE: The PersistIQ Destination is currently in beta, which means that they are still actively developing the destination. This doc was last updated on February 28, 2019. If you are interested in joining their beta program or have any feedback to help improve the PersistIQ Destination and its documentation, please let their team know!

Getting Started

The first step is to make sure PersistIQ supports the source type and connection mode you’ve chosen to implement. You can learn more about what dictates the connection modes we support here.

📱 Device-based
☁️ Cloud-based
  1. From your Segment UI’s Destinations page click on “Add Destination”.
  2. Search for “PersistIQ” within the Destinations Catalog and confirm the Source you’d like to connect to.
  3. Drop in the “API Key” into your Segment Settings UI which you can find at the bottom of your PersistIQ Integrations page.


If you haven’t had a chance to review our spec, please take a look to understand what the Identify method does. An example call would look like:

analytics.identify('userId123', {
  email: ''

You can pass in an email and unsubscribed (with a value of true) in an identify call. If the email address matches an email present in PersistIQ, that prospect will be marked as opted out. Here is an example of how to do that:

analytics.identify('userId123', {
  email: '',
  unsubscribed: true

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