Primer Destination

This is currently in beta. If you are interested in joining, let us know!

Getting Started

First you will need to register an account with Primer to get a Primer token.

Once the Segment iOS SDK and the Segment-Primer CocoaPod is integrated with your app, toggle Primer on in your Segment destinations, and add your Primer token, which you can find on the Primer Dashboard under Project Settings. Refer to the Primer Documentation for more details on how to setup Primer.

Since Primer needs to be initialized as early as possible, you need to supply the token when you initialize the factory that is registered with the analytics client.

[config use:[SEGPrimerIntegrationFactory instanceWithToken:@"PRIMER_TOKEN"]];

This will initialize the Primer SDK under the hood and begin collecting events and initializing the Primer Flow.

Primer supports the identify and track methods.


When you identify a user, we’ll pass that user’s information to Primer with userId as Primer’s User ID. Segment’s special traits are attached on to the Primer User’s user properties.


When you track an event, we will send that event to Primer as a custom event.

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